Martin 2Social Media was set ablaze when Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martinand Tichina Arnold hinted that there may be a Martin reboot in the works. Well ok, Arnold and Lawrence hinted towards it and Campbell-Martin flat out told us she isn’t telling us Sh*t.

Time will tell if this meeting will lead to a reboot of Martin, but fan speculation is running rampant. The original show ended after season five and was marred in controversy. Campbell-Martin alleged that Lawrence had been sexually harassing her for months. The tension on the set eventually leads to Lawrence and Campbell-Martin needing to be kept separate at all times. As you could imagine, this leads to an uneven and disjointed final season of the show. Time heals all wounds as you can see in the video above, Lawrence and Campbell-Martin have seemingly buried the hatchet.

If this does come to pass, what stories are left to tell in the Martin-verse? Even typing that seems silly. As much as I loved this show during its original run, I never wanted or assumed we would ever get more Martin. I hate to be “that guy”  but with the way things ended (lawsuits.. mudslinging… hell, they had num-chuks, bolos. They be doin’ Indian burns, it was CRAZY in the ’90s) how could the two star characters stand to be next to each other, let alone share a passionate kiss or lay in bed next to each other. Considering the current climate, it’s amazing that the far left isn’t eviscerating Campbell-Martin for being associated with her supposed harasser. The timing is questionable since Campbell-Martin is attempting to jump-start her music career as well… but who am I to questions her motives. Yup, backing away from this one very, very, slowly.

By Lovell Porter

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