Fan’s were both surprised and confused when a reboot to the beloved Men in Black franchise was announced some years ago. Rumors swirled that the next installment would be a crossover between Columbia Pictures moderately popular 21 Jump Street franchise but that project never seemed to get off of the ground. When it was announced that the next movie would start Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth no one really knew what to expect. Thankfully, with this trailer drop, a lot of our questions seem to have been answered.

With Emma Thompson reprising her role as Agent O (the head of MIB America- she replaced Rip Torn’s Zed in Men in Black 3) this move seems to actually be a continuation and not an actual reboot of the franchise. Not ignoring the previous three movies is best- If this movie ends up being the hit it SHOULD be, think of the potential of having Tommy Lee Jones or Will Smith involved in future installments. The checks will literally write themselves.

Men in Black: International is set to release in theaters on June 14, 201

By Lovell Porter

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