Joy Villa and the Technicolor Dreamcoat of Hate

Joy Villa
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin- 2019 Grammys

We all have that one family member that you just can’t invite anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baby shower or wedding, you can count on uncle or aunt so-and-so walking in acting a hot ass mess. Yesterday that event was the Grammys and Auntie Joy Villa crashed the party.

You are probably wondering who the hell Joy Villa is. I would be telling a big fat White House Press Secretary sized lie if I said I was familiar with her either. Seems, Villa is a conservative, Trump supporting-musician who, shockingly, happens to be a person of color. Villa has made a habit of quite literally wearing her politics on her sleeve at events, specifically the Grammys. In recent years Villa stunned and confused onlookers with these snazzy numbers:

Joy Villa
Credit: Grammys/CBS

Just to be clear, the white “choose life” dress features a fetus in a rainbow womb. Yes, you read that correctly. Joy did that and she did it with a Cheshire-sized smile on her face. This year’s outfit started out seemingly innocuous. Villa walked the red carpet in a silver dress reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty. Though ugly, the dress was only offensive to the eyes. Sensing that she hadn’t made a big enough spectacle of herself, Villa yelled out, “this isn’t even my final form!” and went Super Coon 3. Ok, that didn’t happen, but Villa did transform:

Joy Villa
Credit: Grammys/CBS

Villa wants Trump to build the wall. Now I won’t waste time going into the pros and cons of actually building a border wall, but I will take a moment to point out the hypocrisy that runs rampant amongst conservatives pundits. When Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel to protest the killing of brown and black folks the conservatives screamed about how football should be devoid of politics. When Cardi B. took a few minutes to give her thoughts on the government shut down not only did the usual right-wing Twitter trolls chime in and tell Cardi to stick to twerking, elected Republican officials piled on as well. Villa’s “statement” has been met with cheers from right-wing Twitter and I would be shocked if Villa isn’t on the President’s radar after tonight (if she wasn’t already). She checks a lot of boxes the Trump administration tends to gravitate to, but let’s not get sidetracked.

In most cases taking the time to discuss someone who is so clearly begging for attention would be beneath me, hence the reason I didn’t bother to provide links to the asshats who criticized Kaep or Cardi above. Even though I am currently living my best life, I have time to go back and forth on this topic today but not for the reason you may think.

Before you get excited, allow me to make you mad (yet again): though distasteful, Villa is within her rights to go on national TV and look like a damn idiot.

That wasn’t a joke. Though Villa somehow managed to pull off the rare feat of combining attention-seeking, insensitivity and offensiveness to make the proverbial blue meth of racially insensitive fuckery, it’s like one of my favorite prophets would say, it’s “a mere bagatelle, my dear”- it’s irrelevant. But what is relevant here is that people are falling into the same tired trap that helped get Dolt 45 elected. These people feed off our outrage like vampires. And I don’t mean cool vampires like the ones in 30 days of Night or Blade. I mean the crappy ones like Twilight or True Blood. Congratulations, Soooookie! Villa is somewhere sparkling in the sun because of you.

Every time someone like Villa does something ‘shocking’ the outrage committee loses its collective minds on every form of social media available. That’s the real issue here. People like Villa and trolls like well I don’t want to say their names. Why? Because they’re akin to Voldemort. If you invoke the right-wing troll’s name they may show up at your house and yell at you about how President Trump didn’t actually mean the abolishment of Civil Rights was one of the USA’s greatest achievements. Let’s just say Villa is music’s version of  “Oandice Cwens” and “Lomi Tahren”. They live and thrive off outrage, specifically outrage from black and brown people. That’s the lesson we all need to learn. If you spend the time feeding the trolls they will keep doing stuff like this to eat. If you throw bread in the park you are going to get flocked by Pigeons. Don’t be that guy, standing there covered in bird shit wondering what happened. If you must address someone like Villa, just tweet at her that her outfit is SO 1939 Nazi Germany… totally passé.


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