WWE RAW: Diary Of A Mad Wrestling Fan 2/25/19- Batista Returns, Stone Cold Becky Lynch Raises Hell, More

8:40 PM EST- Lacey Evans… I don’t get it. Maybe she woke up from a coma and thinks it’s still the 1930s? If they really want to get Evans over as an uber heel they should have Evans mistake Naomi for ‘the help’. This feud writes itself. As long as it ends with Naomi winning the war it will work. It’s not like the WWE would have a racially charged storyline where a white person refers to their black counterpart as less-than AND beats them in the blow-off match or anything like that…


Elias is probably sitting in the ring thinking the same thing. Yeah, Elias and I are absolutely on the same page.

Elias went from not being able to finish a song to no being able to even start one. Wacky Dean Ambrose sashays down the ramp. Why didn’t we see Ambrose during the Reigns segment? Ambrose beefed with Rollins, not Reigns.

Why does Ambrose’s wife Renee Young call Ambrose by his full name? Why does she seemingly never care when he is getting the crap kicked out of him? The only relationship that seems remotely realistic in WWE is Miz and Maryse. They interact like husband and wife. Why can’t Wacky Dean and Renee?

An actual text I just received after Renee addressed her husband’s mood:

 “Why does Renee know Dean’s in the mood for a fight?  Was that a cry for help? Is he hitting her?”

8:50 PM EST- Why isn’t Ronda Rousey just destroying everyone à la Brock Lesnar? Would that not make sense? Would people be mad? Am I taking crazy pills here?

Ruby Riott had a title shot and lost in three minutes or something silly like that. I hate to be that guy but after a loss like that, it’s tough to think of her as a legit contender, which makes me sad because Riott is great.

9:00 PM EST- Becky Lynch hobbling through the crowd has happened during every main roster show for what seems like an entire month now. They need to just add the glass breaking to the beginning of Lynch’s entrance music and be done with it. Give her a second knee brace too. Fuck it. Go hard or go home. And that’s the bottom line because “The Man” said so!

9:10 PM EST- Betcha Rousey is about to put Stephanie McMahon in the armbar. Vince McMahon will come out. Rousey extorts Vince to get Lynch added. Boom. Calling it now…

Twelve seconds later

Holy crap was I wrong! Rousey laid down the belt at Stephanie’s feet after basically throwing a temper tantrum. So does that mean Rousey is going to quit if she doesn’t get her way? The hell was that?

This should count as Rousey relinquishing the title. Stephanie should award the title to Charlotte, that way when they have the triple threat Rousey doesn’t have to get pinned for Lynch to win the title. If Lynch is going to beat Rousey, it means more if it’s in a singles match.

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