WWE RAW: Diary Of A Mad Wrestling Fan 2/25/19- Batista Returns, Stone Cold Becky Lynch Raises Hell, More

10:13 PM EST- Renee just randomly blurted out “protect your neck” as Ambrose got into the ring, to which Corey Graves replied, “when did you become a rapper?” Sigh. I am REALLY starting to miss the old guy that yelled puppies into the mic. Kidding. I miss Jim Ross.

10:16 PM EST- Anyone else thinks it’s weird that Renee called her husband by his full name? Also for the first time EVER, Renee showed concern for Ambrose as he was getting the hell kicked out of him. None of this makes sense. Being a concerned wife is the HUMAN thing to do. King got to yell puppies every night and be a dirty old man but Renee can’t yell out “oh no, I  can’t watch this” as her husband is being kicked in the face mercilessly by *insert random heel’s name here* during Raw Consistently?

 So if Ambrose is a crazy person, why not give him a “Raven’s rules” kind of gimmick?

10:25 PM EST-  Talk about satisfying. When Rollins and Reigns looked back at Ambrose as he struggled to get to his feet after they hit the ring to save him from Drew McIntyre, Lashley, Corbin, and Elias was a hell of a moment. It told a hell of a story. Nothing will ever truly break up the Shield. Well… maybe… the only thing left is for Reigns to cost Rollins the title at WrestleMania. Does WWE have the balls to do that? It would be classic WWE to finally turn Reigns heel after he gets over universally.

10:33 PM EST- Ever notice when Raw is going to end with a Talky-McTalk-Talk segment the last match almost always features the women? In the last year or so it’s always Nia Jax versus someone. Bayley gets the “honor” tonight.

This is such a strange match to end Raw on…

Jax losing to an elbow drop is stupid. Can’t be a monster and lose to something like that. Almost every woman on the roster has kicked out of that.

10:44 PM EST- Why is Braun Strowman walking and smiling with Triple H and Stephanie? He hates them! Strowman’s love for birthday cake knows no bounds.

10:51 PM EST- Triple H really just said nothing that happened tonight compares to what they are about to do for Flair. A ringing endorsement for your flagship show, Triple H.

Angle walked out in a suit, thus killing my previous notion that Angle goes to parties in his wrestling gear. I haven’t felt this let down since I realized Mahal wasn’t actually fighting the screaming cowboy.

10:58 PM EST- Batista just showed up dragging a cameraman. I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to see Drax beat the crap out of a 70-year-old man. That sounded a lot better in my head. Ah, screw it, Flair knew the risk. Let’s see that crimson mask, baby!

Anyone else thinks it’s funny that it took a Hollywood actor returning to the company for someone in the back to acknowledge the fact that there are cameramen backstage and interact with them? It’s the little things.

Batista looks like the villain in an all hipster version of Miami Vice.

10:59 PM EST- This whole party was just a set up for Batista vs Triple H? Ok, you’ve got my attention, WWE. But with Triple H as the good guy? Ehhh.

I dont think so

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