Lacey Evans and Natalaya
Natalya: Do you smell toast? Lacey: Well I do declare, aren’t you a nasty… Natalya: … can you hold up both your arms?!?!? Are you ok?? Credit: WWE

8:50 PM EST- I wonder if Natalya is also wondering how Lacey Evan got that head injury that knocked her back into the 1950’s… I am STILL waiting to see how Evans interacts with Ember Moon or Naomi. I’ll grab my popcorn when that shit goes down.

8:56 PM EST- I like Michael Che and the white boy that sits next to him on Saturday Night Live (I’m kidding, I know his name. I am just being a dick). I am not 100% sure I understand why Jost is playing a heel but ok, whatever. *shrug*

9:00 PM EST- Hahahahah! Batista is such an actor now. He is wearing a suit delivering a Bond villain monologue. This is tremendous.

Dave Batista
“… No, Mr. Helmsley, I expect you to die!”

9:08 PM EST- This may be the most believable promo Triple H has ever given. Also, thankfully, I finally know how to properly pronounce Ric Flair’s real name.

9:16 PM EST– So Ronda Rousey’s plan work! Becky Lynch has been reinstated! Yay! But now Ronda is out of the title match. They are really taking the long road to get to this triple threat for the title at WrestleMania, huh?

9:22 PM EST- I have to question the methods being used to try to get the fans on the Heavy Machinery train. Having them walk through the entire tag division’s mid-card doesn’t really benefit anyone. Here’s a thought: instead of having Ricochet and Aleister Black beat the tag champions, have the actual tag team (Heavy Machinery) beat the Revival and get the tag title shot? Also, WHY THE HELL ARE RICOCHET AND ALEISTER BLACK A TAG TEAM?!?!?

9:33 PM EST- I need the audio or Renee Young saying “get that worm” so I can turn it into a ringtone.

9:39 PM EST- And just like that, I already forgot how to properly pronounce Richard Fliehr… Flieehr? Flyhier? Damn it… whatever I give up!

9:44 PM EST- Alright… this may make me a dick, but I have been dying to see what is in the Hall of Fame video package for Torrie Wilson. Don’t get me wrong, the Hall of Fame is silly to begin with, but this is… just… LOL.

9:45 PM EST- I think WWE Creative just took scenes from old Girls Gone Wild videos to put together Torrie’s video package. It’s like they didn’t even try! I mean, she lost her dad live on Smackdown for Pete’s sake. Give us highlights of that. *chuckle

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins
“Would you look at this shit? I can’t believe this shit… ” Credit: WWE

9:46 PM ESTRollins just told Ambrose that he is his wrestling soulmate… what? That’s the punchline.  

9:54 PM EST– I am not 100% sure we need a Sheild reunion… At this point, it feels like they have spent more time teasing reuniting than they were actually together.

10:02 PM EST- Renee seemingly doesn’t care that her husband just got his teeth kicked down his throat and lost yet another match. Hey, if you don’t care, I don’t care Mrs. Ambrose.

10:08 PM EST- Corbin just said the word “citity”… If he were at least as interesting as Scott Steiner, I may be able to just look past this… but he isn’t so, what the fuck?

10:11 PM EST- Anyone notice they just ran the exact same angle they did the last time the Shield was going to get back together?

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