Samoa Joe Powerbombs Rey
*Record Scratch* I bet you are wondering how I got here. A few weeks ago in Tijuana… Credit: WWE

9:22 PM- I bet Mysterio pinning Samoa Joe means they will be fighting at Mania. That could be fun but eh. Part of me wants Angle’s last match to be at Mania against Joe. Since Joe seems to be allergic to the world title, that is a better use for him than a throwaway against Mysterio.

9:28 PM- Daniel Bryan needs new music. That flight of the vegans shit doesn’t work as a heel. How much would it cost to get the rights to the Final Countdown?

9:32 PM- Every era’s champion is synonymous with a belt design. The winged Eagle belt is synonymous with Hulk Hogan. The Smoking Skull Belt is synonymous Stone Cold Steve Austin, that stupid spinner belt with John Cena… Daniel Bryan will forever be known as the dude who wore a title made out of graham crackers. The only thing missing from Bryan’s ensemble is Damien Sandow’s Money in the Bank briefcase. Shit, all you need is some marshmallows and you can make some smores. *hits blunt*

…. There is ALWAYS *hits blunt* Time for smores. Credit: WWE

9:39 PM- AAAAAAAH! Bryan said it! He told the ref he’s got till five! American Dragon return imminent!

9:39 PM- GAH! It’s not 10 PM yet?? I need to know if John has opened up to Katheryn yet after finding out that Kaci cheated on him…………. SHIT WRONG BLOG AGAIN!

9:41 PM- Mr. McMahon is looking spry tonight. I wonder how many virgins had to be sacrificed to make that happen?

9:51 PM- Tonight is the night of impassioned promos, eh? That may have been the best promo Kofi has ever cut. Of course, Mr. McMahon is going to stack the deck against Kofi. This is pretty much the Daniel Bryan/WrestleMania arc all over again. Kingston mentioning that Mr. McMahon hasn’t even let someone who looks like him near the WWE Championship made me pop. It’s the truth. Mr. McMahon grimaced a bit when Kofi said it too. I wonder if he was expecting that line.  What’s old is new again I guess. As long as this ends the same way as Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania journey did it will all be worth it.

9:58 PM- Who and I kidding, this whole thing is going to turn out less like Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania and more like Booker T at WrestleMania.

Smackdown was a decent show tonight. The Lynch/Flair saga was a bit of a drain and how far Asuka has fallen is depressing… but other than that the show was a solid 7 out of 25. I’m kidding. If you didn’t see the show check it out. I am going to go do get plastered and while I find out if Evan is really going to choose Morgan over Kacy… spoiler alert, I would.

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