9:27 PM- This crowd is way more into Beth Phoenix than the crowd last week. Beth is great… and I am not just saying that because I am pretty sure she could beat the shit of me, you and anyone else who looks at her sideways.

9:38 PM- I remember getting into an argument with someone on Twitter about how Mojo was blah. This person told me I needed to see thee promos Mojo cut on social media. I never bothered because why the fuck would I waste my time with that, but these “I’m a crazy person yelling at myself in the mirror” shtick isn’t terrible. The only problem is that at some point the bell will ring…

9:43 PM- Bout time we got to see Ricochet in a singles match on Raw.

9:45 PM- I still have my fingers crossed that we will get a Jinder Mahal/Muhammad Hassan tag team…

9:47 PM- That wasn’t a joke. I just need them to edit the Singhs into Hassan’s entrance video… they can ride a tandem bike.

9:52 PM- I am just picturing a Vince holding a gun to Michael Cole’s back every time Cole has to talk about how virtuous the Ultimate Warrior was. These people were saying they couldn’t put Chyna in the Hall of Fame because of what would pop up if a young fan Googled her…… fuck it. Never mind. At least they are actually giving the Warrior Award to the type of person it was intended for. Guess we can just take that as a small victory. No if we can just get them to name it someone who wasn’t a fucking homophobe that would be GREAT!

10:01 PM- I swear to god if Rousey doesn’t obliterate Brooke in three minutes I fucking quit.

one minute later.jpg

10:01 PM- Damn it… I was looking forward to saying fuck this shit.

10:09 PM- God, Sith Lord Rousey is the BEST Rousey. Why did they wait this long to unleash her?

10:15 PM- Corbin losing to Crews basically seals Angle’s fate at WrestleMania. If Corbin beats Angle, Everyone in the arena should stand up and turn around like Corbin just killed a guy in the Kumite… what? You never heard of the Kumite?

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