9:09 PM- Can Kingston really win this? Not this match against Sheamus. A small child could be that dude. I mean the whole thing

This actually happened. Credit: WWE

9:16 PM- There is no fucking way Kingston is going to win this. All of the faces are watching this backstage.

9:18 PM- Cesaro puts Kingston in the cloverleaf instead of the sharpshooter. Does that mean Cesaro broke up with Tyson Kidd?

9:20 PM- Oh shit. Bryan has seen enough. He sends Unwashed Bearded Hick into battle.

9:23 PM- Well we knew one of these dudes was going to get disqualified. Didn’t think it was going to be Rowan.

9:25 PM- I mean… why wouldn’t the guy in the match who is currently a title holder, not the person being protected? The fuck is going on here tonight. This shit is going to end with Joe eating a pin, but Kingston getting RKO’d.

9:30 PM- As predicted, Joe ate the SHIT out of that pin. Joe is going to be super surly when he gets to his day job tomorrow morning…

9:37 PM- I am enjoying Kofi Mania but if this doesn’t end with him winning the WWE title we should all just stop watching. It’s should be the final insult.

9:38 PM- Come to think of it, what are the odds that both Becky and Kingston win at WrestleMania?

9:43 PM- Orton says to the crowd, “He (Kingston) ain’t your guy… Trust me. Stupid!” The fact that they keep bringing that back up is hilarious. I wonder if Orton and Kingston even like each other in real life. I am just picturing Kingston being at catering and Orton smacking food out of his hand while calling him stupid.

9:47 PM- John is ready to confront Kaci about what she has been doing on the island…..

10:00 PM- Aaaaand there it is. This storyline has been very well done. Kingston had to lose this match. This whole thing is just the Daniel Bryan WrestleMania 30 storyline all over again. If the New Day doesn’t “occupy” Smackdown next week I’ll feel cheated. You should too. I am going to bed. I am not going to sit here and watch the Temptation Island finale… Nope. Not gonna do it.

11:06 PM- I’m not crying… I’m not crying…

ugly cry.gif