…So it’s called the “Viking Experience” and Hanson tells me it’s TOTALLY worth it. Credit: WWE

9:07 PM- Elias says if anyone interrupts him again they will never be able to show their face again… I guess Rey Mysterio is moving to Raw…

9:09 PM- Oh look! It’s Rey Mysterio, second of his name. Creator of the 619, breaker of knees (his own), luchador born, something, something…

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9:10 PM-Should I play the lottery? I think I should play the lottery.

9:11 PM- It wasn’t a stunned silence, Graves. It was an “I don’t give a fuck about this guy silence”. So far the fans couldn’t care less about Lars Sullivan. Lars comes out and the WWE Universe be like…

Image result for Go Away gif

9:22 PM- The Usos are a great pick up for Raw. The Raw tag division has been stale as hell lately.

9:28 PM- The show has been pretty good so far. So, of course, it’s time to slow the show down with “A Moment of Bliss”.

9:36 PM- Zayn is playing this crowd like a fucking Piccolo. They have no idea he is making fun of them. This is amazing.

9:40 PM- Alexa looks great. Like… really great.

9:41 PM- Am I nuts or does Bliss’ mic look like a glass dildo? Or is Zayn right… am I projecting???

Image result for Alexa bliss gif
OK! Jeez… don’t look at me like that.

9:47 PM- Naomi? Sure, I’m with it. No way they have her come to Raw to lose, right? RIGHT?!??!!?!

9:50 PM- Well that was a close one. I was convinced they were going to job out Naomi here tonight. That would be SO Vince.

9:51 PM- Well shit. The fact that they mentioned Sasha Bank’s issue on social media on Raw make me think this whole thing is a work. If it’s not why would they bother pointing it out? That’s not like them and if there is anything we know it’s that WWE Creative are creatures of habit.

9:58 PM- Who’s wife did EC3 sleep with? They seem to HATE that guy. Strowman didn’t even bother to pin him. YIKES. What is the story there?

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