Game of Thrones 8 e 1
Not sure if this is the best or worst family reunion in history… Credit: HBO


The most anticipated aspect of this episode was how each character would react to seeing someone with whom they have a history or they haven’t seen in years.  How would Arya and Jon react to each other, or Arya and Gendry?  What about Tyrion and Sansa?  Each scene was included and given the proper attention and care that was expected.  I thought this was great, the characters were true to themselves and reacted the way I think everyone expected them to act.  Personally, the one I was awaiting the most was saved for last – Bran and Jaime.  Bran even cryptically tells Sam, when Sam ran into him in the courtyard and asked what he was doing there, “I’m waiting for a friend.”  It’s assumed at the time he meant Sam, but in reality, he was speaking of Jaime.  The look on Jaime’s face when he sees Bran the first time was priceless.

           I was very happy with the scenes of reuniting characters because it also set up a lot of conflict with the ranks of our heroes.  For example, when Jorah wanted to introduce Daenerys to the man who cured his greyscale when no one else would, Samwell Tarley, that was a powerful scene.  Daenerys was forced to tell Sam that she executed his father, Randyll.  Sam is visibly upset.  Despite all of the terrible things that Randyll did and said and threatened to do to Sam, Sam still loved his father.  He thought he could take some solace knowing that his brother was still alive.  Dany had to tell Sam that Dickon, too, had been executed.  Sam was devastated and left the room, leading to his meeting with Bran. 

Bran instructed Sam to go tell Jon the truth about his parentage.  This was, of course, another great reunion because Jon had no clue that Sam was in Winterfell, but the joy Jon felt quickly faded as he revealed not only the truth about how Daenerys had almost single-handedly ended the Tarley House but also revealed that he was not the man he was led to believe he was.  It was a lot for a single scene and I am very much looking forward to the resolution of this plot point.

Another reunion that was great to see was Cersei and Euron.  I won’t get into great detail about it, but it was a moment in which I actually felt pity for Cersei Lannister, which is something that I never thought I would do.

There were many more great scenes between reuniting characters, but I just wanted to touch on the ones I thought were the best and offered the most.

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