The Angry Nerd’s Top Five Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4

Okay, we’re halfway through the final season of this intense, often disturbing but never boring series. Many questions have been answered, but there are a lot that still remain. Most of these won’t be answered until the final episode, if ever. This episode is going to be nearly as long as The Long Night episode we just got, so there will be a lot that gets covered. I will say this and I’m so sure about this that I’m not considering it a prediction but a foregone conclusion – everyone who survived will engage in some post-battle lovin’. They’ll be happy to be alive, turned on, and ready to pair up. That aside, here are a few things that I think we just might learn in the next episode.
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For the folks who have been staunch advocates of the Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth (Braime?) union, I think you’re going to get your wish.  I think that they will finally consummate their relationship.  They clearly love one another and like I said in my opening paragraph, everyone is going to be riled up sexually after surviving such a brutal ordeal; it’s just human nature.

           Not only will this be a satisfying moment for fans, but it will also have some brutal consequences for our remaining heroes even before they head south to challenge Cersei, Euron, and the Golden Company.  Cersei will consider this the ultimate betrayal, and we already know that she was seconds away from having Zombie Gregor Clegane kill Jaime in the final episode of season seven when he defied her, how do you think she’ll react to him being with another woman?  Of course, in her warped view of reality, she’ll consider this an act of supreme betrayal and disloyalty to her despite the fact that up until this point in the story Jaime has only ever been with one woman – Cersei. 

Of course, we all know that Cersei has been with many men and that infidelity means nothing to her.  She cheated on her husband Robert with Jaime and passed off their inbred children as Robert’s and despite telling Jaime that it was them against the world she slept with Lancel (also while she was married to Robert) and has slept with Euron.  In the books, she takes many, many lovers in order to further herself politically.

Also remember that she blamed Jaime for the deaths of all three of their children, including Tommen because he was away (she sent him away), but not accepting any responsibility for arming the Faith Militant which led to Tommen’s wife Margery being imprisoned and then killed when Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor, leading to Tommen’s suicide.  Somehow she spun that into blaming Jaime because her grasp on her sanity is tenuous at best. 

I believe that the Jaime/Brienne union will not only result in a pregnancy but also Jaime’s death.  As we’ve been told repeatedly – only death may pay for life.

Oh, and I have to credit my brother Dave for giving me the phrase “Sapphire Lion”.


There is no real guesswork involved here; everything is clearly headed in this direction.  There are some underlying concerns that those left in the North need to address.  First of all, they need to clear the fields of the dead, including the wights.  I wish them good luck in getting Viserion out of the courtyard.  I’m sure that’s going to smell just wonderful…and also can you burn a dead dragon?  I’m guessing they’ll just skip over this because the logistics are insane when it comes to that.

           Secondly, they will need to rally as many people who can still fight.  What must be understood is that while not only will the fighting force available be drastically reduced, but those survivors that do remain will be whittled down even further because many of our heroes will have suffered terrible injuries.  We saw that the wights were savage when it came to attacking whoever was in their path, but that they didn’t always kill; many people were able to keep fighting despite getting stabbed or injured.

            Third of all, speaking of injuries, how are the dragons doing?  The dragons are easily the best weapons our heroes have at their disposal (having been likened to atomic bombs).  We saw Drogon get swarmed by wights like ants on a discarded carnival corn dog as they stabbed and hacked and slashed at him relentlessly.  Rhaegal got clawed by Viserion during their aerial battle, and though he got the better of his undead brother he did not come out unscathed and many people wondered if he actually made it through the battle.  It wasn’t until the preview for this upcoming episode came on that we could get a clear look at both dragons flying around, and when we did we were shown holes in Rhaegal’s wings.

            Finally, who will head south and who will stay at Winterfell?  This is definitely going to be a discussion to be had.  There must be some contingency left at the castle for repair and defense (just in case there is anyone with malicious intentions in the south that wishes to inflict harm upon the survivors) so that will again reduce the fighting force that can be sent to King’s Landing to deal with the true villain of the series.  Will we see our heroes gain more allies on their trip?  How about stopping by Greywater Watch and asking the Crannogmen for aid?  For those who are unfamiliar this is the home of Ned Stark’s close friend and confidant (who also kept Jon’s secret, by the way) Howland Reed, father of Meera and Jojen.  That would be a nice payoff.  Ghost is also still alive, as is Arya so how about a direwolf reunion?  They could certainly benefit from a giant pack of wolves assisting them.  I’m sure they’ll stop by Riverrun and The Twins to see if the Tully forces are available for an adventure. 

            Basically what I’m saying is that this would be a phenomenal opportunity to bring back a bunch of characters that we’ve either not seen or haven’t seen in a long time.  I know there are some characters coming up that we haven’t seen, such as Angela Lansbury’s unnamed role (which I initially thought would be the Ghost of High Heart and after hearing Podrick sing Jenny’s Song I’m not dissuaded). 

            I’m very interested to see what happens in this episode, because I know we’ve got another major battle coming up in episode five, which according to Emilia Clarke is going to be even more explosive in scope than the Battle for Winterfell.  This is going to be a wild episode, with a lot of crazy stuff that could happen- what I’ve suggested barely scratches the surface of what this fantastic show full of dragons, ice zombies and fire deities has always delivered.

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