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Okay.  We’re almost done with Game of Thrones, only two episodes left, and to me, it hasn’t lived up to expectations.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been so spoiled with the stunning quality of the writing and acting and production and direction that these last two seasons have been rushed to get the story finished.  Things that were built up repeatedly over six seasons have been either ignored or forgotten.  This includes character motivations, prophecies, battle preparations, and even geography (see King’s Landing).  As a result, these prediction articles are getting increasingly difficult to write.  So, with that being said, I’m going to try and ignore logic and give you my five predictions for this week’s episode.


I hate to be the “well, in the books…” guy but in the books, the Golden Company was famous for never breaking a contract.  They were mercenaries, sure, but if they were paid and a contract was signed they would honor that contract no matter what. 


            The Golden Company was founded by Targaryen bastards, and when it is revealed that Aegon Targaryen was swapped with a tanner’s son and smuggled out of King’s Landing to escape the fate suffered by his mother and siblings – Gregor Clegane (acting on Tywin Lannister’s orders) killing them all.  In this plotline, Aegon wants to meet up with his aunt, Daenerys, and marry her and rule together.  The Golden Company was so dedicated to their heritage and bloodlines that for the first time ever, they forsake their contract and join Aegon’s cause to take back the Throne from the Usurpers.

            I think that this will happen in the show as well.  There has been a lot of emphasis on who Jon is, and how he would be a better monarch than Daenerys.  It’s also been repeatedly mentioned that a marriage between the two, despite that, being a logical (there’s that word again) and elegant solution to the problem of who should sit on the Throne.  So I think that they will betray Cersei and side with the Targaryens.  It will really help turn the tide against the Lannister forces and will help defeat Cersei’s army without destroying more of King’s Landing and killing more people than necessary.


So this seems pretty obvious.  As this episode is directed by Miguel Sapochnik, it’s the penultimate episode of the entire series, and there is real hatred between the two queens.  This will be an all-out, no holds barred slugfest between two groups that want to absolutely destroy each other and eradicate them from the world. 

            This is going to be a massive battle, not just in scale, but in the cost.  So many characters will meet their destiny in this episode (more on that later) if the showrunners continue their recent trend of ignoring competent battle strategies for the sake of a scene that looks good cinematically.  Think about it like this – the whole point of a castle is that you can be safe behind the walls not outside.  Also, if you have siege weapons like, oh I don’t know, a trebuchet, you position it in front of your soldiers because if you send out thousands of unarmored soldiers on unarmored horses you can only fire once if you don’t want to kill your own soldiers.  Also, a trench is supposed to be in front of your infantry to thin out the enemy’s numbers, not behind you where your forces can end up falling into it, filling it up and allowing your enemy to simply swarm over your now-useless army.

            Hopefully, we will get to see competent military tactics.  Although when it comes to using a dragon, the only necessary strategy is to avoid the projectiles.  There are some people who believe that Drogon has laid eggs, or maybe more dragons will come to the aid of the Targaryens.  According to Emilia Clarke, this battle will be much more intense and dramatic than the Battle for Winterfell.  What does this mean?  I don’t think it means what some people are hoping, but I do think it means that most of our main cast will die.  That covers the blood part.

            For the fire part of this prediction, I foresee Cersei using her favorite toy – wildfire.  She has already proven that she just does not care about the people over whom she holds dominion.  Honestly, I still can’t understand how these people have not revolted against her yet.  Since Robert died there have been riots because there was a food storage (solved by the Tyrells), a war that saw Jaime captured, Blackwater Bay exploded and the Faith Militant running rampant through the city, only stopped when Cersei destroyed the Sept of Baelor, along with hundreds if not thousands of citizens either burned alive or crushed in the aftermath.    

            We know that Cersei has been obsessed with wildfire since the third season, and I have no doubt that there is still a lot of it stashed around the city in the miles and miles of tunnels that exist under the surface.  I especially think that there is a significant amount under the Red Keep itself, where the Iron Throne resides.  I believe that should Cersei lose, or feel like she’s going to lose, she will ignite the wildfire and kill herself along with as many of Daenerys’ force as she can.  We’ve already seen the lengths to which she was willing to go during the Battle of the Blackwater when she was ready to poison Tommen and then herself.  I feel like if she can’t have the Iron Throne, no one will.  She’ll destroy as much of the city as she can and let Daenerys rule over ash.

            Daenerys, I think, will have no real issue with this.  I think she has already made up her mind that the only way that she can win is by decimating the capital.  I honestly don’t think this would bother her much.  I mean think about it- if she’s the queen she can do whatever she wants.  If she wants to abandon King’s Landing because it’s destroyed and uninhabitable, then she can just make Dragonstone the seat of power.  After all, it is her family’s ancestral home.


This is a tough one because there are a lot of characters who want Cersei dead.  Here’s a quick list of who I think will be the likely candidates to put an official end to Cersei’s reign, in no particular order. 

1.      Daenerys – She wants what Cersei has.

2.      Grey Worm – Cersei killed the woman he loved, and more importantly, who loved him.

3.      Sansa Stark – Cersei played a major part in the deaths of Ned, Robb, Catelyn and so many more.  Plus she ignored what Joffrey was and emotionally manipulated Sansa when she was young.

4.      Arya Stark – Same reasons as Sansa, but with the added motivation of losing Syrio Forel to Lannister men.

5.      Sandor Clegane – He hates the Lannisters for what they forced him to do.

6.      Jon Snow AKA Aejon Starkgaryen – Everything the Lannisters have done to both the Stark and Targaryen families.

7.      Euron Greyjoy – If they get married and she dies, he’s king.  He only wants an heir.  Also, he will eventually figure out that Cersei is pregnant with Jaime’s baby, not his.  Why else would Tyrion know about her pregnancy if Euron only found out earlier that day?  He will not be pleased.

8.      Jaime Lannister – If his redemptive arc is to be believed (despite the way he treated Brienne last episode) then he has to kill Cersei, and probably die in the attempt as well.

9.      Tyrion Lannister – She took so much from him and did so with a smug, satisfied smile on her face.  She was cruel to him for his entire life.  Plus, he promised that he would.

10.  Drogon – They tried to kill him, they killed his brother, tried to kill his mom.  He wants Cersei dead as much as the rest of these characters.

Cersei is going to die, it’s just a matter of how.  I think it’s going to be a crazy scene.  Euron and Jaime will battle, both will be seriously injured.  We will see Sandor and Gregor Clegane battle as well, most likely at the same time, because Gregor is her protector.  I think we will see Jaime, Arya and Sandor sneak in with the rest of the civilians and smallfolk of King’s Landing or through the tunnels beneath the Red Keep.  Jaime will drive his sword through Cersei, and they will die in each other’s arms.  The Hound will kill the Mountain, but Sandor will be gravely injured.  Arya will mercy kill him and escape just before Daenerys swoops in with Drogon and immolates the Red Keep.  This will then ignite the hidden wildfire and destroy much of the capital and many tens of thousands of lives. 

If this happens, then Cersei will posthumously win, because Daenerys will be looked at as the enemy, a foreign invader who came in and slaughtered innocents.  They will actually mourn Cersei and rebel against the “Mad Queen”, who they will see as the reincarnation of her father.


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