The Angry Nerd’s Top Five Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5

Okay. We’re almost done with Game of Thrones, only two episodes left, and to me, it hasn’t lived up to expectations. Maybe it’s because we’ve been so spoiled with the stunning quality of the writing and acting and production and direction that these last two seasons have been rushed to get the story finished. Things that were built up repeatedly over six seasons have been either ignored or forgotten. This includes character motivations, prophecies, battle preparations, and even geography (see King’s Landing). As a result, these prediction articles are getting increasingly difficult to write. So, with that being said, I’m going to try and ignore logic and give you my five predictions for this week’s episode.
Game Of Thrones
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I don’t see Dany making it through this episode, never mind the season.  She’s not going to sit on the Iron Throne (mainly because I don’t think it will even be there) and she’s going to die, which will fix the whole issue with the lines of succession.  I’m not sure how it will happen, but personally, I think it would be poetic if she dies as a result of wildfire.  It’s long been argued that she either is or isn’t immune to fire.  George RR Martin has made it abundantly clear that Targaryens are not fireproof, but they do have some resistance the way Starks have a strong resistance to the cold. 

Of course, I don’t think this will happen, but I’m completely sure that Dany will die.  What I’d like to see happen the following: Dany dies in wildfire, and Jon is revealed to be Aegon Targaryen and everyone will welcome him to the Throne.  Jon will refuse, and go North.  Gendry will become King, and give Brienne Storm’s End, Sansa will become Wardeness of the North and Lady of Winterfell.  When I say Jon will go North, I think of the words Tormund said: “the true North” as in beyond the Wall.  He’ll live with Ghost and the Wildlings.  He just wants to stop fighting and live the life he wants.  He doesn’t want to be king of anything, and the only way that can happen is if Daenerys dies.

I know this is a bit of a cop out, but saying I don’t know how Dany will die is true.  I have no clue how she will meet her ultimate demise.  Maybe she dies when Drogon gets hit by a ballista bolt and they both fall to their deaths.  Maybe she gets captured and killed by Cersei.  Maybe Jon kills her to prevent her from going into full “Mad Queen” mode.  At this point in the show, I have no clue.  I do believe Jon’s true parentage will play a big role in her death though.  One way or another, Jon revealing his secret will ultimately be the thing that finally unifies the realm.

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I’ve already given a few ideas about the characters I think will die and how, but let me expand upon that list, Arya Stark style. 

Grey Worm will live, and he will somehow manage to get Missandei’s body home to Naath.  Just like he promised, he will bring her home.

Arya will leave King’s Landing without saying goodbye to anyone because that way no one will look for her.  She wants to explore the world, wants to know what lies west of Westeros.

Davos Seaworth will be fine as well.  I’d honestly like to see him get back to his wife, who he hasn’t seen in several years.  It might be nice for him to see her again after everything he’s endured.

Bronn will do his best in the battle to ensure that his interests are protected.  I’m not sure what his ultimate fate will be, but because he’s always been tied to the Lannisters so I’ll say he dies.

Harry Strickland, as the leader of the Golden Company, is an interesting character…mostly because we know next to nothing about him.  We have no clue if he’s a good fighter or if he’s brave or what his true allegiance is.  Maybe I’m right and he betrays Cersei and backs the Targaryens, in which case I think he’ll live.

Brienne will make it through.  She might get hurt, but she’ll live.  I do think that she’s going to remain at Winterfell, even though Jaime has left she will honor her word to keep Sansa safe.

Yohn Royce has been completely useless, even more so than Bran.  He’s been of no benefit to anyone, other than occasionally having clandestine conversations with Sansa about…probably something we’ll never find out.  He’ll live unless he does something stupid like step on a rake which then flies up and hits him in the face and he falls off a battlement to his death.  He won’t see combat.

Podrick will live but he’ll be injured and he will be healed by a team of beautiful nurses because they will remember him and know his reputation.  His convalescence will be long and hard, but he’ll be up for it.

Varys will die because he is going to betray Daenerys and she’ll execute him.

Tyrion will also die.  Not sure how it’s going to happen, but I don’t see him surviving past this episode. 

            There are a bunch of characters that I think will be absent from the Battle of King’s Landing but I do believe we will see them again in the final episode.  Tormund Giantsbane and Ghost are obvious choices, and I think we will eventually see Jon up there as well.  I do believe we will see a few more new characters that will have a role to play in the future, post-show that we will never find out about.  Maybe we even get to see Nymeria and her wolfpack roaming the countryside.  I don’t think people will be overly satisfied with the way this episode ends.

            The one thing I did want to touch on when it comes to potential deaths is Drogon, and I wanted to put a little bit more into this prediction.  There are a lot of theories out there about what exactly Euron is looking up at in the episode five preview where he seems like he’s concerned.  One theory says that Drogon is wearing armor that will help protect him against the ballistas firing at him, another says that when Drogon was flying over the smoking ruins Valyria (right before the Stone Men attacked Tyrion and Jorah) he was leaving a nest of eggs, and those eggs will have hatched and we will see a swarm of dragons attacking Euron’s fleet.  I don’t think either one of those things will be true.  I think Drogon dies, and all magic will be gone from the world.  It’s not necessary anymore; the White Walkers are gone and Azor Ahai was never reborn, probably because the writers wanted to “subvert our expectations”, which is code for “lazy writing”.  He’s just going to get hit by multiple projectiles and will die the way anyone else would die after being hit by multiple projectiles.  Nothing special will happen; he’ll just die.

            So that’s pretty much what I think will happen.  There will be a lot of action, a lot of nameless, faceless characters getting mowed down in a variety of ways.  These will also not be limited to soldiers.  Like I said before, there will be thousands upon thousands of civilian deaths from fire, both the wild and dragon variety.  I also expect to see a lot of collateral damage while the armies slaughter each other mercilessly.  The battle is going to be something more bombastic and explosive than any other battle we’ve seen, and I want to preemptively thank Miguel Sapochnik for bringing these amazing cinematic experiences to us season after season.  He is the real MVP of this final season, in my opinion.  I really enjoy the way he brings the art of combat to the screen.

            So that’s what I think will happen.  I think there will be some other things, or at least I hope there will be some additional plot points that help both advance and wrap up certain storylines.  It’s going to be really difficult to have a massive battle and balance that action with political drama.  I don’t think it’ll be a perfect balance but it will be enjoyable and fun, even if it does defy logic for the sake of entertainment.  It doesn’t matter, I’ll be watching it because as much as I might complain about it, I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.

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