Game Of Thrones
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Where to start with this episode.  My wife said “Westeros is purgatory in a logging town”, a reference to the final episodes of both Lost and Dexter.  I can’t say I disagree with her.  I have said many times that I think people are going to look at this episode the same way they regard the final episode of those shows.  So here we go, just going to get right into it and tear the band-aid off.


I heard a great quote many years ago, and I cannot remember who said it or I would credit that person.  “Only a sane man questions his sanity; madmen are always completely assured of their rationality.”  We start with Grey Worm getting ready to execute some prisoners and he has an interesting line here about his reasoning – they were his queen’s enemies and they were still breathing.  Why then, was Tyrion taken prisoner and held for weeks?  Why was Jon taken prisoner?  If we are to believe that Grey Worm’s actions in last week’s episode were due to the great amount of grief he felt because of Missandei’s death, why would he not want to avenge Daenerys in the same way?  Jon didn’t even look roughed up; he just looked like he hadn’t shaved in awhile, maybe isn’t eating as well as he’s used to and having a tough time getting a good night’s rest.  Grey Worm has never been one to ignore his baser emotions and this seemed out of character to me. 

            On that same line of reasoning, this is the first time we see Daenerys without a full contingent of armed guards.  She already mistrusts Jon, and Jon raises his voice when talking to her.  How does that not at least send someone into the room to check on her?  Plus the sounds of the rampaging dragon, fire spewing all around – nobody noticed this or thought it was something that would bear investigating?  Jon stabbed her and held her corpse for a full minute and a half before Drogon enters the Throne Room.  Then at the two minute and fifty second mark, he begins spewing fire and melting the throne, as well as destroying parts of the wall for 45 seconds.  Nobody noticed this?  Nobody saw this and thought that it might have been a problem?  Finally, four minutes and thirty-eight seconds after being stabbed, Daenerys is carried off by Drogon.  We never see what happens with Jon’s arrest, how it happens, who does it, or if he turns himself in.  Seems something that would have been rather important to see.

            However, the scene where Drogon tries to wake Dany up by nudging her was very reminiscent of the Lion King where Simba tries to revive his fallen father Mufasa and is similarly devastated by what just happened.  It was a very touching scene and really gives some depth to the character of the dragons, they’re not just an analog for nuclear weapons.


First off, I’d have them stop after the “King Bran” part.  The rest of that is a painful reminder of who he once was.  Although, I’ve asserted for quite some time that Bran died in the cave, just as Meera Reed said.  Borrowing a page from Star Wars, Westeros now has elected royalty.  Of course, they don’t really touch on how they’re going to choose a successor, but whatever.  They have time for that later.  I will say that the thing that bothered me the most was the Small Council scene.  Bronn gets a seat on the council?  Why?  And why is he Master of Coin for any reason than to pay off the running joke about wanting gold?  Davos makes sense, as does Sam, but why do they need a Master of Whispers when they have Bran, who knows everything about everything?  Another thing that I need to point out is that the meeting was about the allocation of funds, but they seemed to have fancy new armor for the kingsguard.  Where’d that money come from?

            I do want to point out the subtle joke about the Electoral College that was thrown in during Bran’s choosing.  When Sam asked if the king should be decided on by everyone instead of just a select few, and it was greeted with laughter.  I thought that was pretty clever, honestly.

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