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WWE RAW: Diary Of A Mad Wrestling Fan 7/8/19- Vince Is Actually Shang Tsung, You’re a Dead Man Ramsey, More!

10:02 PM- I just want to point out that I just made several references to Ricochet and I didn’t make one butt joke. That’s growth, people…. yup… I can do this… Keep together, man!

Strong Zander
Strong Zander… STRONG ZANDER

10:04 PM- I have been watching Raw for years and that was the first time I have EVER seen them mention Evolve, let alone run a commercial for them… Gee, I wonder why they are running a commercial for THIS specific show……………

Kidding… I have just been dying for a reason to use this gif. lol

10:10 PM- Oh look, it’s Maverick’s wife Renee… and I’m now pregnant. Damn it.

10:15 PM- Shouldn’t Sarah Logan be with the Viking Raiders? Why are they being kept apart?

10:18 PM- This match helped no one. No one at all. UGH. What is going on with Bayley???

10:32 PM- Cross brought up friendship too many times for this not be leading to a Sasha Banks return. I have to say, I have miss Banks oh so much. Hopefully, she is still on Raw. I can only imagine what Heyman has in store for her.

10:37 PM- So… Mike Kanellis is a cuck? Is that what this is? lol

UPDATE: I hate to quote him, but Ryan Satin found this interesting post from Velveteen Dream:

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 4.47.56 PM.png

Dream has deleted all of his tweets too. Something strange is happening. Satin has hypothesized that Dream may be the person who got Maria pregnant. I am not sure how I feel about that if it does come to pass, but still. Interesting none the least.

10:39 PM- White folks have no idea what’s happening right now. lol They are going to kill the Street Profits dead, aren’t they?

10:42 PM- Wait… Pickles and Ice Cream… is Maria Kanellis a Skrull?

10:43 PM- The Grandmother from that stupid Christly show just said that she can twerk. Be right back…



10:47 PM- Huh? don’t be silly… that had NOTHING to do with Ricochet…

10:49 PM- Yay! It’s Shane McMahon… said no one ever. Shane cracks me up. It’s been like 20 years and I still have no idea what the fuck Shane’s accent is. It sounds like he’s simultaneously from Rhode Island and Canada.

11:01 PM- So Gary is actually Cedric Alexander. It’s sad because I was sitting here trying to figure out who the hell was under the mask but Cedric hasn’t been featured in so long I forgot he was on Raw. Speaking of, can we get him the hell out there? I want to believe this is going to end with Cedric being part of the McMahon/Reigns angle, but we all know that Cedric will just get destroyed by McIntyre tomorrow on SD Live and that will be the end of this. GAH!

This show was nowhere near as entertaining as last week but it was solid none the less. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow on Smackdown. Expect another Nikki Cross/Bayley/Bliss promo as well as Cedric Alexander getting destroyed by Drew McIntyre. Fun fact: only one of the people I just mentioned is actually on Smackdown. Gotta love the wildcard rule. Diluting the WWE since 2019.

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