The Boys
The Boys
Credit: Amazon Studios

The Boys has been a project I’ve been waiting for since I read volume 1 Name of the Game. Amazon picked up the comic book and turned it into a TV show. There’s an issue with a comic book becoming a movie or a show. How much of the source material will be used in the project? The Boys is a series that has been handled with delicacy. Certain things need to be in the show to keep authenticity. This series did an amazing job of combining the source material and making a show with a ton of potential. With this season only being 8 episodes, you have to get into things pretty quick. So things have to be changed.

In the beginning, Hughie’s girlfriend Robin was killed by A-Train. She was a step off of the curb and was hit by A-Train going at superspeed. However, in the comic, Hughie was at a carnival when a super A-Train was fighting was smashed her Robin into a wall. In the series, she was a step off the curb and A-Train ran through her.

This small change kept Hughie’s beginning true to the story, but changed it enough to make it work in the series. A lot was going on in the comic book when Hughie’s girlfriend was killed. This change made the beginning quicker. It also left time for Starlight’s story and made it connect with Hughie’s.

This is just a small example from episode one. Throughout the season there are examples of the creators taking pieces of the comics and making it work in the series. The relationship between Frenchie and the Female is another example. He had to be the one to find her and get through to her. Otherwise, their relationship wouldn’t have made sense going forward. Frenchie and Female’s relationship is crucial to the heart of The Boys.

Small changes like Translucent and the Deep aren’t that big of a deal. They weren’t characters that are crucial to the story. Thankfully, the creators knew this. Now, we have an expendable character whose death will mean something to the story and won’t be missed. The people controlling the series should be commended for doing an exemplary job of staying close to the source and making the series incredible.

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