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It’s officially summer and it’s hot in the studio and in these streets! Sid can’t confirm nor deny whether she’s having a #HotGirlSummer, and Axe ponders on #CuffingSeason etiquette in warmer months. They acknowledge the Houston Rap Legend Bushwick Bill (RIP) from the Geto Boys, and one Ghetto Boy’s dream to take office. It’s Politics as Usual and 2019 is a huge election year (#End45). The pair discusses the dichotomy of Hip-Hop’s simultaneous desirous and disdained role in politics. In a new segment called #DocumentaryAndChill, they review “The Black Godfather” doc which chronicled the life of Entertainer Whisperer Clarence Avant and the importance of integrity in the Entertainment Industry. Speaking of integrity, the use of the N-Word amongst Arab and Middle Eastern artists grinds Sids’ gears. Lastly, the duo Oddly decides Tyler The Creator’s “Igor” is The Future and waa waa waa, Khaled’s a baby…

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