Maxim Cover Girl contestant Michelle sat down with Editor-in-Chief Lovell Porter to check-in and discuss her progress so far in the contest, and more! Cast your vote for Michelle here!

Michelle, we haven’t caught up since the start of the competition. You have made it past several rounds at this point. How has this experience been so far?

It’s been a roller coaster so far but in a good way. Right now I’m in one of the highest rankings, thanks to everyone’s continued support and I appreciate the nervous moments because it shows how important this competition is to me and also reinforces how much support I have.

With all the promotion you have been doing around the contest, has it led to any new opportunities?

Through my work to become a Maxim Covergirl, there are many opportunities available but I have continued to focus on promoting myself, making connections and thanking my supporters. One step at a time!

How has the fundraising via votes for Homes for Wounded Warriors?

 I am so grateful that the Wounded Warriors have been able to receive donations from this competition. It is a worthy cause and they have done so much for our country. When donating to help the Wounded Warriors, I have received so many additional votes and I am happy that both parties have succeeded from this competition.

If there is one take away from this experience, what would it be?

This competition has been an eye-opener. I have learned that your character says a lot about someone and that I am loved by so many people. They have stuck by my side through this entire competition and have taught me to never give up!

Ok, we are coming into the home stretch! If you had one thing you could say to convince everyone to vote for you what would you say?

I am very thankful for this opportunity to participate in the Maxim Covergirl Competition and I appreciate all the support I have received. Since I can’t win this competition on my own, I would ask for your continued support and vote for Maxim Covergirl that would allow me to fulfill a dream in modeling which I have worked over the years.

Also, throughout my medical career, I have helped those in Geriatric, mental health, and now plastic surgery and it would allow me to be apart of something I love and to continue my education in medicine so that I can make a difference in the community and serve those in need. I am very blessed to have made it this far and ask for your continued support.

The Maxim Cover Girl Contest Deadline is 10/10/19 at 11 PM!

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