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Music 2 My Peers“List-uatioooooons, will arise…”

As the summer comes to an end, will #WarmWomanWinters and #MaleMassageMonths become the next iteration of the #HotGirlSummer? We sure hope so. Next, these “Top 50 Rapper” lists find Axe and Sid putting on their best denim vests to analyze the latest sensation to do the #CucumberChallenge on the Internet. The Era of the Mixtape DJ broke many (now legendary) artists, but the M2MP Crew wonders: “Is The DJ Still As Relevant To Artists As They Used To Be?”. #POM2 finally dropped and “Maybach Music VI” was *almost* as good as they thought it would be. Last and certainly not least, the duo can only say O, Nika: breaking down The Unraveling of Nicki Minaj. 

This episode’s #GoodBuyBoston feature is @HoopHop617 (

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