Music 2 My Peers
Music 2 My Peers
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While Sid Shaw is on #SurgicalSabbatical (get well, Sid!), the Podcast begins its Guest Co-Host Series. First up, Axe interviews DJ WhySham aka The Community DJ (@DJWhySham) who discusses her “Bring It Back Boston” event series which focuses on mental health and trauma, the meaning of #BostonGotNext, and why she chooses people over profit. Doubling back on Mental Health and Hip-Hop, they dissect DMX’s recent proactive rehab check-in, our M2MP #DocumentaryAndChill segment featuring the Wu-Tang Hulu doc-series, Nas’ Netflix Series “The Get Down” and which Rap Crew’s history would provide the next best docu-series. Other topics: The Boston Music Awards and Support & Sisterhood within the local music industry.

This episode’s #GoodBuyBoston feature is Origination Cultural Arts Center (

Listen to “M2MP Episode #7 – A Seat At The Turntables (feat. DJ Whysham)” on Spreaker.

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