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Previously, on The Culture Comic Book News podcast, Old Man Wade and The Superior Woke Octavius discussed the new run of X-Titles. The six new X-titles are X-Men, New Mutants, Marauders, Fallen Angels, X-Force, and Excalibur. Since House of X and Powers of X were both incredible, there was going to be some pressure for those runs to be just as good. Those six comic books also have to carry continuity from the House of X and Powers of X. If the first issues of these runs are any indication of what’s to come, we’ll be in good hands. However, some of us may not have the loot to spend $3.99 or more every week on comics. So I’ll give you the 3 Old Man Wade X-titles to follow.



Writer: Gerry Dugan Art: Matteo Lolli Ever since Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men, I’ve been Kitty Pryde fan. When Marc Guggenheim started writing X-Men Gold, I loved her even more. He made her the leader she deserved to be. After finding out that Gerry Duggan (one of my favorite writers) was going to be writing a story with her as a leader, I was ecstatic. After reading issue 1, my expectations were more than met.  Kate “Don’t call me Kitty anymore” Pryde is a pirate that’s transporting mutants to Krakoa and protecting them wherever she can. She also has a hell of a team with her. Iceman (who tends to follow her everywhere), Storm, Pyro (the original), Bishop, and her trusty dragon Lockheed are all on board. The interesting part is that Emma Frost talked her into doing this. She also gave her a new position. Something happens in issue No. 2 that may shock you. This is easily the best of the six titles.


Writer: Benjamin Percy Art: Joshua Cassara Everything seemed peaceful and every mutant is safe on Krakoa. Unfortunately, according to Wolverine, that’s a problem. He tells Beast, “And when you’re safe, you’re soft.” At the end of this issue, we found out how true that statement is. A group of mercenaries invade Krakoa and kill mutants while they weren’t expecting it. Among those mutants is their leader Charles Xavier. He was shot right in the head and through Cerebro (I think it was an illusion since he’s in Fantomex’s body). This was a heck of a way to start a series. We can all assume that Xavier won’t be dead for a long time. Especially since he was on a future cover with Apocalypse (who’s going by a name you can only pronounce in Krakoan) and Magneto. Regardless, this was a great start. X-Force has always been the X-Men’s more ruthless team. Looks like this will continue. Props to Benjamin Percy. Not only was this a terrific first issue, but he also gave me and every one a reason to like and care about Black Tom Cassidy. 

New Mutants:

Writer: Ed Brisson and Jonathan Hickman Art: Rod Reis It’s shocking for me to say this, but New Mutants is extremely entertaining. I don’t like anyone on their roster except Magik and Wolfsbane. I especially not Danielle Moonstar. I was happy when Hope Summers beat on her. That said, everything about this issue was phenomenal. The story took the New Mutant roster (Chamber, Cypher, Karma, Magik, Mirage, Mondo, Sunspot, and Wolfsbane) to space to find Cannonball (who’s with the Shi’Ar). This was a nice change of pace. Most of the stories will revolve around Krakoa and who doesn’t love an intergalactic adventure?  The art makes the story pop and all of the characters are fun. Sunspot loves telling everyone he’s rich on an intergalactic level. It’s pretty funny. He apparently has a great space lawyer too. We’ve already had some amusing banter and action and this is only going to get better. They also have the Starjammers in here as well. So that’s another bonus. Ed Brisson is an amazing writer. Teamed up with Jonathan Hickman and there’s no way this isn’t going to be a must-read. You can check out the Culture Comic Book News Podcast for more comic book news and fun. #DammitWade  

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