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If you don’t know, I love Kitty Pryde. I mentioned it on the previous podcast and to anyone who’ll listen. Issue No. 2 of the Marauders series just amplified that love for the character. Kate Pryde became the new Red Queen. That means she’s now part of the new council on Krakoa. Much to the chagrin of Sebastian Shaw. Her new position isn’t the only interesting change. It’s her personality as well. As Supa Woke and I mentioned in Issue 14: New Red Queen. Who dis?, Kate Pryde has changed. She seems freer than she’s ever been. Drinking and partying more than ever. As of now, we don’t know why. Not being let into Krakoa could have been the thing that shook her. She’s Jewish, a woman, and a mutant. All things that ignorant people will hate you for. Krakoa was her chance to be with people who won’t unjustly judge her. She was rejected. That could have been the thing that made her think, “Life’s too short. Let’s have fun.” I have a theory that this is Emma Frost is the reason Kitty couldn’t get into Krakoa. We’ll have to wait and see.  Her new attitude on life is amazing. She’s been kicking all kinds of ass in ways we’ve always imagined. Phasing guns in people’s legs, embarrassing her enemies by making them dance as she hits their pressure points, and all sorts of things. This is still the best X-Title out now and has the potential to be a legendary comic book series.

The Culture Comic Book News
Credit: Marvel

The even deadlier Immortal Hulk

In other news, the Immortal Hulk just got even more dangerous. That’s right, the seemingly unkillable Hulk has conquered another weakness. The phrase has been that the daytime is for Banner, but the night belongs to the Hulk. Well, that’s no longer the case. The Hulk can come out to play during the day. In issue No. 27 of Immortal Hulk, Hulk said, “Banner showed me that I could fight that. We can fight that. We work together, McGowan. Together… we’re the strongest there is. And this is just the start.” Now, the Hulk can change during the day and solar lights no longer weaken him. With him and Banner working together, there may not be anything in the Marvel Universe that can stop him. The Minotaur and everyone else at Roxxon better be worried.

The Culture Comic Book News
Credit: Marvel

Baron’s got a brand new mask.

Captain America: Civil War gave everyone their first taste of Baron Zemo. Zemo wasn’t a fighter, he was a planner. His plan worked so well that he caused dysfunction within the  Avengers. In the end, Zemo was arrested and imprisoned for all the damage he caused. When he was one of the few villains that weren’t killed, we should have known he would be coming back. Not only is he back but he’s wearing the classic comic book Baron Zemo mask. Zemo is an underrated villain. Sure, he didn’t have a fight scene or a fancy suit. However, he actually defeated the Avengers. Other than Thanos, who can really boast that? It’ll be interesting to see what he’s up to. Maybe he’s the reason for all of the Captain America propaganda posters. Also, why is he wearing the mask? Sometimes Zemo’s face is completely ruined. Did something happen to him while he was in prison, after the Thanos snap, or has he just given in to being a villain and dressing for the occasion? We’ll have to wait and see. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is scheduled to be released sometime in 2020.  

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