Tell us the Truth

How is Systemic Racism explained to children and what’s it like working in institutions in which you are faced with the impact of systemic racism every day?

The CEO of Pop Culture Website Blaque Rabbit, lifelong Bostonian, and father of two boys, Lovell Porter, details how racism is just as problematic in the Northern United States as it is in the South. How does Mr. Porter address systemic racism with his two sons? How has systemic racism affected how Mr. Porter feels about his sons being out in the world outside of his watchful eye?

Then we hear from #Massachusetts State Representative Russell Holmes; a man who feels the negative and impactful grip of systemic racism every time he walks into the Massachusetts State House. Listen as Representative Holmes details why he personally attends community meetings instead of sending a staff member and how his faith in God guides him as he does all that he can dismantle racist power structures within our very government.

We end with listener feedback on episode one and a sneak peek into episode three. Reminder; Tell Us The Truth is the beginning of the discussion for every community. Take what you hear and bring it back to your social circles and then report back so that we can affect change nationwide together! 

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Tell Us The Truth is a podcast series that provides a safe space for open dialogue about systemic racism and inequity, and what we can do collectively, as a society, to bring about change. You’ll hear honest discussion and frank answers from private citizens, elected officials, lawyers, community partners, youth, and more. Tell Us The Truth is executive-produced and hosted by E. Duke Bennett, produced and engineered by Michael Pelosi and is in partnership with WBZ NewsRadio in Boston. Use the hashtag #TellUsTheTruth to send in your questions and follow @TellUsTheTruthPod on Facebook and @TellUsTheTruth0 on Twitter.

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