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Experiences are rarely as good today as they were yesterday. Think about it. When is the last time you enjoyed something years later that you enjoyed the first time around? When the newness wears off and you’re just left with whatever is there, we often get bored and eventually move on to the next big thing. But once in a while, there are exceptions to the rule like fine Scotch Whiskey, Beyonce’s Music, and the beauty of Vanessa Williams. Well, Brothers and Sisters, We need to add another entry to our shortlist of experiences that are just as good today as they were yesterday; Showtime’s hit series “The Chi”.

Self-described as “a timely coming-of-age drama series centered on a group of residents who become linked by coincidence but bonded by the need for connection and redemption” The Chi is just as fine as Vanessa Williams despite inching closer to the end of its third season. But what is it about “The Chi” that has a very hard to please critic like “The Duke” so inspired with praise you’d think I was trying to court a sweetheart or something? 

The Chi
Credit: Showtime

REALNESS! That’s it. The Chi is 100% one of the most relatable and therefore one of the most REAL television dramas I’ve ever seen. There are difficult interactions between community and police, youth having to deal with growing up too fast, LGBTQ+ relationships, alcoholism, PTSD and damn near everything else you can think of that we as a society encounter every waking moment of the day and night. Name another show that can seamlessly address the very real issue of young women being abducted and sexually assaulted within the same episodes in which they address the PTSD and substance abuse of military vets. You can’t because they don’t exist other than on The Chi! 

Now I know what you’re thinking; “The Duke is saying a lot but still not getting specific enough”. To you, I say stop thinking and go check it out for yourself! I’m not with the spoilers so just do us all a favor and head over to the Showtime on-demand portion of your cable or satellite provider, or subscribe to the Showtime App and just enjoy. Don’t skip any seasons either as they are all intertwined and affect one another. Go to episode one and jump into this very real world of life’s ups and downs and how it impacts all of us within a community. No need to thank The Duke because you’re already Welcome! 

E. Duke Bennett is the host of the “Tell Us The Truth” Podcast & the “Duke Loves Rasslin” Podcast. Hit him up on Facebook or Twitter @DukeLovesRasslin & @TellUsTheTruth for more pontification on great TV, Pro Wrestling, breaking down systemic racism, and the beauty of Vanessa Williams. 


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