Lovecraft County

If there is one thing you can count on regarding my coverage of Season One of Lovecraft Country it’s that I will forever be confused. I mean really folks this show is just completely out there and yet at the same time, it’s so fascinating and impossible to look away from. After my spoiler-free recap of episode one, the following are some live notes I jotted down during Episode two.  

Lovecraft County
Credit: Home Box Office
  • Jurnee Smollett, aka the former child actress and current Grown-Ass Woman, continues to steal every single scene that she is in. At this point, I’m going to contact local authorities because seriously, this Woman is just taking it all. It is fascinating how talented that entire family is.
  • How is it possible that the vehicle which crashed in the previous episode suddenly is in mint condition? Speaking of Mint Condition, You Send Me Swingin is better than Pretty Brown Eyes. Don’t @ me either; these are the facts of life!  
  • Remember those dust mite looking the size of two elephants stuffed together Monsters from episode one? Well, they’re back, and not only are they back but we get to see one delivered from birth. But this isn’t birth in the way that you would normally expect. No, No, No. This is Lovecraft Country after all. The dust mite elephant-sized monster was birthed out of a very well known animal that we are all familiar with and at this point, I may never consume again because I don’t want one of these dust mite monsters to be growing inside of me and wanting to jump out at some point. 
  • Secret societies freak me out. This is why I can’t belong to secret societies or gangs or anything like that because I can’t have wizards and monsters and unexplained phenomenon and all sorts of weird stuff happening. I’m a Black Man in America so I get more than enough unexplained phenomenon on a daily basis just existing. 
  • I really am going to have to watch this show over again because from the moment the internal organ was taken out of dude I have no idea what the hell is going on here.
  • Wait a second. What is Omar from The Wire doing in this show and how is it he looks exactly the same today as he did over 20 years ago? I mean, come on now folks. What’s going on with Omar from The Wire? Is he on the Pharrell Williams diet or is he some kind of Extraterrestrial that has figured out how not to age?
Lovecraft County
Credit: Home Box Office
  • Courtney B. Vance is a heck of an actor. Whatever he’s in is automatically great and partially because he’s in it. 
  • This is the craziest show I have ever watched. This is like Lost and True Detective mixed with the movie Fences all rolled into one. 
  • Did they really just kill that character? I can’t believe they just killed that character. They just killed that character? Oh my goodness. 

And I’m going to leave it at that folks. Keep my notes with you as you watch Episode two and you’ll be able to understand why I said what I said this entire time. I have no clue where they’re going from here but what I do know is this show will blow your mind with all the crazy stuff going on. Watching Lovecraft Country is like listening to a Jay-Z album. You have to go back and check it out again and again. Each time you learn something new. Continue to watch this space ever Wednesday for episode reactions. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to drink some vinegar or something so I don’t give birth to elephant-sized dust mite monsters. 

E. Duke Bennett is the host of the “Tell Us The Truth” Podcast & the “Duke Loves Rasslin” Podcast. Hit him up on Facebook or Twitter @DukeLovesRasslin & @TellUsTheTruth for more pontification on Great TV, pro wrestling, breaking down systemic racism, and on who authorized child actors like Jurnee Smollett to grow up.


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