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One of the most significant byproducts of Systemic Racism is Trauma and during this episode, we’re going to examine how Trauma affects us all including Young People.

We start with the Founder and Executive Director of the New Democracy Coalition, Kevin Peterson, who is at the forefront of the campaign to rename a Boston landmark that was not only financed by the sale of African Slaves but also served as a marketplace to buy and sell Slaves; Faneuil Hall Marketplace. One would assume renaming such a historically traumatic landmark would be met with support right? Well; not so much. Listen as Director Peterson details how many of Boston’s top Elected Officials have stood firmly against renaming Faneuil Hall and how their disdain has affected Director Peterson personally.

We then have an eye-opening conversation with Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Jeff Butts, whose clients are primarily Young People who have experienced and have committed acts of violence. How does Systemic Racism impact where we live and a Person’s ability to feel safe? How has LISCW’s Butts own children, who are Black and Brown, impacted his view on what Systemic Racism is and why it ultimately needs to be reformed.

There’s also listener feedback and a sneak peek into our next episode with a quote from the Executive Director of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts Segun Idowu.

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Tell Us The Truth is a podcast series that provides a safe space for open dialogue about systemic racism and inequity, and what we can do collectively, as a society, to bring about change. You’ll hear honest discussion and frank answers from private citizens, elected officials, lawyers, community partners, youth, and more. Tell Us The Truth is executive-produced and hosted by E. Duke Bennett, produced and engineered by Michael Pelosi and is in partnership with WBZ NewsRadio in Boston. Use the hashtag #TellUsTheTruth to send in your questions and follow @TellUsTheTruthPod on Facebook and @TellUsTheTruth0 on Twitter.
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