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What have we learned in the first three episodes of The Boys?

Season 2 of The Boys was better than we could have hoped. Debuting the first three episodes before going to a weekly schedule was a brilliant idea. The first two episodes were flawless as always, but it was just the build-up for episodes three. Maybe that was the point. Having two weeks in between the first three episodes may have thrown ruined the flow of the show. Whatever the reason, it worked. I’m sucked in just like everyone else. Three episodes out of the eight for this season and we already have a good amount of information.

WARNING! Spoilers for episodes 1-3 of season 2 of The Boys!



In The Boys comic book, Stormfront is a male Nazi. A vile person that was easily hateable. When it was announced that Aya Cash was going to play Stormfront on the show, it was a bit confusing. It was even more mind-boggling when we saw her in the first couple of episodes. She seemed all about uplifting women and equal rights. I should have known better. At the end of episodes 3 (“Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men”), Stormfront’s true colors came out. She called Kimiko’s brother a racial slur after she killed him. If that’s not sick enough, she told him to open his eyes because she loves to see light leave the body. 

Stormfront showed us that she was just like everyone else on The Seven sans Starlight. During a meeting with the CEO of Vought International Stan Edar, Homelander gave a B.S. speech on The Seven being a family. After they left,  Stormfront let Homeleander know that she liked his style. Homelander was shocked. This wouldn’t be the last time she surprised him.

After Stormfront killed Kimiko’s brother, Homelander was upset because he told The Seven that he wanted to kill him. When Homelander reminded Stormfront of this she said, “You snooze you lose, grandpa.” She isn’t just a racist, she’s a killer and a rebel. The question is what is her cause? We also don’t know if she’s working for someone. Don’t be shocked if she’s working for Stan Edgar. 

Stan Edgar

Speaking of Stan Edgar, we can’t praise Giancarlo Esposito enough. He was the perfect selection for this role. The part of the Vought International CEO wasn’t going to be an easy one. The actor had to be someone who we’d believe to not have fear of The Seven or have a conscience. An evil man with a sinister smile. Giancarlo Esposito did all of that. The first time we see him he tells people that 34% death rate is an acceptable loss. He’s cold-hearted in a way that we assume CEO’s of a trillion-dollar corporation would be. People are humans; they’re numbers and dollar signs. 

We can also assume that while things seem off for Vought International that Stan Edgar has everything under control. There are two examples that prove this. First, he didn’t waver during the news of Compound V. He didn’t flinch or even break a sweat. He just grinned a bit. When Homelander went on his rant, Edgar didn’t try to stop or threaten him. It was like he got the response he wanted.  Like Homelander was a marionette and Edgar was the puppeteer. “Dance for me, my foolish Homelander, dance!” Whatever we assumed to know about him, make no mistake there’s more to it. Something nefarious is going on in that mind.

The Deep

First, let me say that this isn’t defending what he did to Starlight. He deserves whatever punishment comes his way. 

The Deep is severely damaged and incredibly gullible. Let’s start with the latter. The Deep allowed himself to join The Boys version of Scientology called Church of the Collective. Let’s call it what it is. While there, he goes on a spiritual journey. I’m all for taking something that will help you reflect on who you are, but you can tell they’re using him. Especially Eagle the Archer. Something messed up is going on with that Archer. Something we won’t be able to unsee. 

Now, on the damaged side, The Deep’s had issues since his powers first kicked in. He could hear fish in pet shops and lobsters in restaurants begging to be free. Imagine being a kid and that starts happening. He thought it was a curse. His mother told him it was a gift. Well, we find out his mother was lying. His parents gave him Compound V like other parents did. Now, on top of the insecurities about his stomach gills, he knows that he isn’t special.  

The Boys Season 2 Reveals if A-Train Survived


A-Train’s body has been betraying him. Mostly his heart. His abuse of Compound V is affecting him. He can’t run at super speed for too long without clutching at his chest. It seems like regular things are doing this as well. As he was walking out of a nightclub (in the middle of the day), his chest started to hurt. So much that he had to stop what he was doing and gather himself. It’s only a matter of time before he does something too strenuous and has a fatal heart attack. Knowing The Boys, his heart will probably just explode out of his chest and onto Hughie. He’s like a magnet for blood splatter. 

We can take something else from A-Train. There’s something to his need to be the fastest and be on The Seven. When Starlight said that it wasn’t all about money, A-Train told her that the only people who say that are the ones that come from money. It may not be true to some of us, but they were to him. A-Train saying that showed why he has a need to be on top. He doesn’t want to go back to feeling like he’s nothing. In season one, he was followed by mall security for being black. It’s because he feels the need to never go back or be “normal.” So much that he’s willing to risk his life to keep his status. 

The Boys

Lastly, we have The Boys themselves and they’re a mess. Frenchie called Butcher in hopes of getting some order and that failed. Butcher may have made things worse. No one trusts him and he continues to give them reasons not to. Trying to kill Kimiko’s brother despite knowing who he was to her, letting Hughie stay in the guts of a whale with The Seven on their way, and they didn’t get any closer to getting their lives back. To make things worse, the news about Compound V may not have hurt Vought International enough for it to matter. That means they’re back to square one. And let’s not forget Kimiko watched her brother brutally killed by Stormfront. 

The next episode could go one of two ways. Things could get worse for The Boys. All of these defeats could lead to them making more mistakes. They probably won’t get caught by the authorities, but something terrible could happen to them. Or this could be the kick in the arse that they need. Butcher, Hughie, M.M., Kimiko, and Frenchie were furiously staring at the TV when Stormfront was talking. And, as the saying goes, “The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose” and The Boys have nothing to lose. The next episode will be interesting. 

What did you think of the first three episodes of The Boys? Let us know in the comments below.

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