Lovecraft Country

Simply put folks, Lovecraft Country needs to get it together. The popularity and interest in the series is falling like a rock at this point because folk shouldn’t have to work so hard to understand whatever they are watching. I mean seriously, they sure do make us work in order to completely comprehend not only what is happening, but most importantly what it all means. 

Episode 4: A History of Violence is NOT an episode that will make much sense the first time you watch it. It barely makes much sense the second time you watch it. Took me three times before I felt like I started to get it and even then “It” is very little. Lovecraft Country seems interested in teaching us so much yet the lessons are so complex and the delivery is so scattered I wonder how patient the audience will remain with the series.

Lovecraft Country
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If you remain too far over my head I’m going to lose interest. Now don’t get me wrong; I love the actors and I love those “OHHH… that’s what that means” moments, but I have to admit the amount of effort put into understanding this stuff is borderline crazier than the show itself. I’ll point out a few things without spoiling too much. 

  • Why the hell are they in a museum and when did Lovecraft Country turn into Indiana Jones?
  • Is whatever this Native being is an E.T.?
  • Is it a Ghost? Is it a Demon? What the hell is it and if it’s not living then how did it die? 
  • There isn’t a single museum in Boston that looks like that. Like not even one. 
  • When does this show make it possible for us to follow along with more ease? This is crazy! 

We all want Lovecraft Country to succeed but it won’t if the material keeps dipping into the unreasonable. If you want to give a history lesson about Systemic Racism, Violence and the bloody history of the Black Experience in America then stop trying to be clever and just give it to us. Give it to us straight so we can feel the burn without any Indiana Jones-like chaser! 

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