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These are comic book moments from season 2 episode 4 of The Boys that you may have missed.

One thing that a lot of people have been critical about (this writer included) in comic book projects is when they stray too far away from the source material. It can hurt the product. Sometimes it’s not that serious. For the latter, I look to The Boys. There have been a lot of moments that are unlike the comic books. For example, Billy Butcher (in the comics) leads his team way better than Butcher in the show. In the comics, Butcher inspires his team. They know that he’s more than willing to fight and die for them. As we’ve seen in the show, it’s not the case for this Butcher. For me, it’s bothersome. However, in the grand scheme of the show, it works. 

 This season of the show has improved a lot from the previous. One thing that I’ve noticed is the nods to The Boys comic book series. One that people may not have noticed was Stormfront and Kimiko. In the comic book series, Stormfront beat The Female (Kimiko in the show) so bad she ended up in the hospital. Thus starting The Boys vs Stormfront and Payback. It wasn’t exactly like the comic book series, but close enough to take notice.

Mother’s Milk’s OCD

In The Boys comic book series, Mother’s Milk was super OCD about everything. He wouldn’t work in a mess, everything had to be done a specific way, and Odin forbid if you didn’t put a coaster under your drink.  In the TV series, he would do little things like ask Hughie for a specific hand sanitizer or use a tiny ruler with a right angle to build his Vermont dollhouse. It was funny that Starlight brought it up and Hughie never noticed. Then again, Hughie isn’t the most observant person. Minor details like this make fans happy. They can look at it and have even more faith in the show. Small attention to detail can make a huge difference. 

The Boys
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The story of Mother’s Milks father

We don’t know much about M.M. other than him being tough, strict, and having a big heart. Other than that, his past is a mystery. We were given a glimpse into his past when speaking to Valerie (played by Dawnn Lewis star of A Different World). He told her that he understood her feelings about superheroes. He explained to Valerie that his father was a lawyer who went up against Vought and died trying. A story right out of the pages of The Boys comic book. Thankfully, we didn’t get the visual. It may have been too much for viewers to see.

Stormfront’s story continues


The Boys
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Valerie tells the story about Liberty. It was a rainy night when her brother’s car was stopped by Liberty. She was in the back seat of his car sleeping when it started. She woke up to hear Liberty calling him a black piece of trash and then unjustifiably killing him. This was the 1970’s. They thought that Liberty was dead. Come to find out, she isn’t. Valerie told M.M. Starlight and Hughie that Liberty is Stormfront. 

When Stormfront was announced, I was wondering if the show was going to acknowledge Stormfront’s Nazi past or her being a racist. It appears as if the show may be doing both. In The Boys comic, Stormfront was one of the first kids to be experimented on and was part of Hitler’s youth. We could be looking at the same thing here. If she was alive and looking young in the show, who knows how long she’s been alive. 

Homelander no longer caring

At the end of the episode, we see that Homelander has finally stopped caring and says that he doesn’t need anyone.  This frame of mind took a lot longer in the comic book. When one of the higher up Vought employees started talking to him like he was nothing, Homelander started acting out. It also didn’t help that he was being sent pictures of him doing obscene things. In the show, it was a combination of Butcher antagonizing him, issues with his son, Starlight not killing Hughie, and Stormfront slowly becoming the most popular member of The Seven. If you’re a fan of the comic book series, you can see what could be happening next. And trust me when I tell you, it’s going to be ugly. 

What did you think of the newest episode of The Boys? Did I miss any comic book moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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