Lovecraft Country

Another episode and more confusion which forces me to ask the question of Lovecraft Country; Is it Me or You? Am I paying attention too slow or are you moving too fast? Is it that I just don’t know enough history or is it that you’re doing a poor job of being clear regarding what you’re covering? Why does a TV show leave me with questions like this consistently after each episode?

Lovecraft Country Episode 5: Strange Case absolutely had me grossed out, confused, and frankly feeling challenged. I swear it’s getting personal now. This damn show is testing not only my patience but also my ability to push through when the going gets tough. I flat out remain more confused than entertained when I watch this show and those feelings have steadily gotten worse as Season 1 progresses. A couple of observations here: 

  • There is a lot of sex in this episode. Seriously it’s A LOT. Sex everywhere. At least three full scenes of getting it in. 
  • There is a lot of GORE in this episode. Things crawling inside of people, skin melting off, blood everywhere. What in tarnation is going on!? 
  • I can’t watch this show at night going forward. The gore is so freaky that I’ll have nightmares for sure. 
  • Not sure how I feel about a show based a good 60 years ago with a soundtrack of music that is current. Stick to the period stuff, please. 

The thing that makes the best TV shows the best is the ability to weave together themes within each episode so you are coming back to something en route to a destination. I have no idea where Lovecraft Country wants us to go. What I do know is at this point they’re doing it on purpose. They want us confused and frustrated. Maybe it’ll all make sense in the end but I’m seriously losing all hope at this point. What do you think? Are you GETTING IT or are you as frustrated as I am? Sound Off! 

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