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Homelander won’t stop doing stupid things.

This episode of The Boys showed us how iditotic Homelander can really be. Homelander is called off by the Senior Vice President of Hero Management Ashley Barrett. She shows Homelander a video of a mission where he kills a terrorist. In the process, he also murders an innocent  civilian. If Homelander had taken a few seconds to assess the situation, he could have avoided casualties. But, as we’ve seen, Homelander does whatever he wants. In this case, he cavalierly “saves the day” and leaves the scene with more issues. 

His rush to action doesn’t end there. Later, he’s told to say nothing about what happened. Despite being told that it’s the right decision, he decides to speak for himself. He goes to a protest and says the worst thing possible. He mentions that there are going to be casualties in war. While that statement is true, it doesn’t make it any less disgusting. No reasonable person wants war. They especially don’t want innocents killed for a battle they had no part of. Homelander continues to talk about war as if it’s nothing major. And, of course, he’s booed so loudly he flies away defeated and embarrassed . Another moment where if Homelander did nothing, he would be fine. Thankfully, he has Stormfront. Wait, what?

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Stormfront to the rescue!

That’s right. The racist woman who was originally destroying Homelander’s career was there to help him. Homelander walked to her movie trailer with his tail between his legs asking for help. Stormfront got her social media team together and created memes to make Homelander look good. It worked. His approval rating was getting better. Homelander asked how he could repay her. The answer was by obvious. He has to eye-laser her cleavage. What? 

This was absolutely hilarious. First, Homelander going down on Stormfront was weird. You don’t look at Homelander as someone who knows how to pleasure a woman. I’d bet money that she stopped him after thirty seconds. Second, they like it rough. The two of them literally slammed each other around the room destroying everything they touched. It was foreplay. One of the few times where they couldn’t hurt the person they were having sex with. The look they were giving each other appeared that they enjoyed it. I don’t believe it. It’s doubtful Homelander has never satisfied a woman. She was probably giving him what he wanted; the idea that he was great at sex.

The scene was similar to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Except Luke and Jessica aren’t terrible people. The episode ending with the two of them having sex in the air was funny and educational. If we could, we’d all have floating sex. This moment isn’t going into the TV romance hall of fame. Heck, this won’t be going down as something that would be good in a Cinemax movie. Nonetheless, it was incredibly entertaining and will be one of the best moments of the season.


How does this affect the future?

Let’s take a moment to realize how foolish Homelander is. Actually, is it foolishness, arrogance, or stupidity? Whatever it is, Homelander is being played. How doesn’t he realize that Stormfront is playing him? She has her hand up his butt and she’s working him like a puppet (she may have put a finger or two up there during sex). First, she ruins his image only to turn around and save his career. Then, she gives him some superpowered nookie and she now literally and figuratively has him by the gentleman parts. If Homelander wasn’t such a piece of poop, I’d feel bad for him. However, he is.

The bad part is this is going to hurt The Boys in the long run. Stormfront may not know a lot about The Boys, but that isn’t the issue here. The concern is that they’ll now have two ultra powerful superheroes on the same page. If Stormfront is a Nazi, then Homelander is her dream. A blond haired, blue eyed “superhero” who’s stronger than everyone on Earth. And if she’s walking Homelander like a dog and using his shaft as a leash, then he’ll do whatever she wants. Especially if it means she’ll keep having sex with him. With only three episodes left in the season, things are only going to get weirder for Stormfront and Homelander. We’ll have to wait and see if they upgrade to leather and lace. 

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