Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country Episode 6: Meet Me In Daegu is the most well-written episode thus far. After weeks of episodes so heavy with hidden references, you’d need multiple PHDs in Black American History just to try to keep up, we finally get an episode that is easy to follow and, dare I say, actually makes sense! 

 The episode ditches America for 1950’s Daegu, a city in South Korea. We’re literally moments away from the beginning of the Korean War which changes the lives of all Koreans forever. A few non-spoiler observances : 

  • An incredible amount of subtitles for this episode but I love it. 
  • Judy Garland can sing her tail off. 
  • In War, those that are the “Good” and those that are the “Bad” are relative to the lens you’re viewing it from. 
  • Much like Lovecraft Country as a show, people are very complex. Our actions are directly impacted by our experiences. Some will even go so far to depart from their own morals in order to do, in the moment, what they feel they should do or even what they want to do. 

If Lovecraft Country can maintain some level of reasonable storytelling that can be followed along without constant Google searches, it could be the best new show on TV today. Episodes like Meet Me in Daegu are the road map. So good it feels like whoever wrote it is a different person from whoever wrote the five episodes before it. Sound off. What did YOU think of Episode 6? Do you agree or am I off base? 

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