The Boys

Stormfront gives us the moment we’ve been waiting for in this episode of The Boys.

Last week this writer called Homelander an idiot. Homelander decided to have sex with Stormfront despite her almost ruining his career. Yes, she saved it, but not before helping tarnish his image. She threw him around the room and did things to him no one else could. After the article posted I thought to myself, “Maybe I was too hard on him. He was raised in a bunker. He’s just emotionally stunted.” Then, the new episode of The Boys came out. My thoughts now are, “Wow, Homelander is a sucker and a ****boy who’ll do anything for sex.”

WARNING! Spoiler ahead!

Fans of The Boys comic book have been waiting for Stormfront to acknowledge that she was a Nazi since she was announced last year. Now, it finally happened. To save her relationship with Homelander, Stormfront told him everything. She tells him she was born in 1919 in Berlin. If that date and country sound familiar, it should. It was around the height of Nazi Germany. Stormfront was born then and married a nazi named Frederick Vought. He was the one who created Compound V. Later, Stormfront became the first person to successfully get superpowers via the Compound V serum. 

Homelander’s name is Hoelander

She pleads with Homelander to forgive her. She says that without her, there would be no him. That Homelander is everything that they (Nazis) have ever dreamed of. She goes on to say a bunch of racist nonsense like, “We’re at war for the culture! The other races are grinding us down and taking what is rightfully ours!” You’d assume a man with an American flag for a cape would be against Nazis. That he would hear this speech and laser her head off. Then again, if you cut on the news, you see a lot of Americans who don’t get the irony of their support of Nazis in America.

The Boys have been getting it right when it comes to a lot of what America appears to be. Billion-dollar corporations don’t care about their consumers as long as they’re getting money from them. People will do anything for sex. Americans will accept racism as long as they can get something out of it. This was another incredible episode, but you can’t help but be hurt by how true things are. Despite people running at super-speed and flying, there’s doesn’t mean that there isn’t a plethora of realism here. A disturbing amount. 

What did you think of this episode and the Stormfront reveal? Let us know in the comments below.

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