Tell us the Truth

Episode 8: Healthcare & Multi-Racial Families

Certified Nursing Assistant Maria Lynch Tells Us The Truth about her experiences with Systemic Racism within Healthcare. Listen as CNA Maria discusses the alarming mortality rate of Black Women who give birth in America, how even Maria herself has been mistreated as a Medical Patient, and advice for everyone regarding how to advocate for yourself when dealing with Medical Professionals. The conversation doesn’t stop there though.

CNA Maria then opens up about her experiences growing up in a Multi-Racial Family. What’s it like when both your White Family Members and Black Family Members don’t fully accept You? How has racism within the family evolved as the older generation has passed and their Children and Grandchildren are now the Adults? What happens when Black Lives Matter is discussed? You’ll hear all of this and so much more in this revealing and relatable episode.

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By Lovell Porter

Lovell is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of

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