Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country Episode 7: “I Am”, maintains a two-week streak of not only making sense but also being compelling television. When Lovecraft Country is on, they are on. Again, the challenge is overthinking the content and packing in relatively obscure historical facts within the material. This causes the stories to be hard and even the most well-read viewer to have to google search just to keep up. Such issues are not the case with Episode 7, which is a breath of fresh air. A few non-spoiler observances : 

  • I LOVE how each episode explores a different character in the show. 
  • There sure is a lot of sex in this show. Not complaining, but damn! 
  • There are times when Lovecraft Country feels like a regular show and, then BAM! Some gory stuff happens to remind you it is technically horror. 
  • I have watched a lot of movies and tv shows that imagine space and aliens. I must say this may very well be the most accurate depiction of what is out there. WOW!
  • If you could exist in an alternative dimension and never go back, would you? Puts a lot into perspective when you think about systemic racism on Earth and how it may not exist IF other worlds with other life forms existed! 

We are only a few episodes away from the season finale. I have no idea how close we are to a conclusion to anything, but what I do know is I have enjoyed episodes 1, 6, and 7 the absolute most. I hope the show continues for another season and that they remain more consistent with the storytelling because when they are focused, you get the brilliance of episodes 6 and 7 in particular. Makes you want to keep coming back for more. Share some thoughts. What did you think? Should she have stayed? You’ll have to watch the episode to know what I mean! 

E. Duke Bennett is the host of the “Tell Us The Truth” Podcast & the “Duke Loves Rasslin” Podcast. Hit him up on Facebook or Twitter @DukeLovesRasslin & @TellUsTheTruth  for more pontification on alternative Universes, Aliens and discussion over whether it’s better to come back to Earth or stay in outer space!


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