LeBron James

Dear NBA, 

Although you’re not supposed to choose 

LeBron must lose

Some may think it’s sweet

Lebron continues to compete

But I am singing the blues


LeBron left Miami for Cleveland

Which felt pretty deceiving

Then continued to ruin my day

When he left for LA

I swear this must be treason


Please recognize my desire

To avoid further mire

NBA you must abstain

From LeBron’s championship gain

Or I am going to become a crier


Honor my views

Please don’t refuse

It would be neat

Even if you have to cheat

LeBron must lose

When he’s not trying to convince the NBA to cheat against LeBron James, you can hear E. Duke Bennett on either of his two podcasts; Tell Us The Truth Podcast or Duke Loves Rasslin. Both are available on the iHeart Radio App, iTunes & other leading podcast Apps.

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