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The person behind the exploding heads may blow your mind.

It seemed like only yesterday Susan Rayner’s head blew up in front of The Boys (season 2 episode 1). Ever since then, The Boys and everyone watching have struggled to figure out who it was. The easy assumption is that it’s Stormfront. Just as she appears, people start losing their heads. If you’ve been watching the show, you know that Occam’s razor doesn’t apply here. Especially with people’s heads exploding in the courtroom.

So who was it? A speedster? Probably not. Especially since Shockwave was in the room and lost his head as well. He would have seen it coming. At the very least he would have reacted. In the end, we find out it was Victoria Neuman.  A twist that no one saw coming. Originally, this writer assumed it was Butcher who was popping heads. It made sense. He hates supes so much that he would kill innocent people to get his point across. Especially considering it’s something that happened in The Boys comic book.

In The Boys comic…

If you’re probably wondering how this is possible, check out The Boys: Glorious Five Year Plan. A story that took The Boys to Russia and where we met the loveable former Russian superhero Love Sausage. Here, they discover that Vought was working with a Russian mob boss named Little Nina. Vought helped Nina stockpile over 150 supes waiting to be let loose. From there, who knows what kind of carnage they would have created. Things would have gone fine if one of their heads didn’t explode in public. Now, The Boys had to get involved.

Butcher finds out that there is a frequency that affects Compound V in people’s bodies. If the frequency is hit just right, kaboom. A person’s head explodes. The next thing you’re wondering is how this makes non-supers to lose their heads. It wasn’t just super-beings that lost their heads. Just because you don’t wear a funny costume or know you have powers doesn’t mean you don’t have Compound V in your system. Even the smallest amount can cause the exploding head effect. 

There’s a lot that came after this story. The good thing about The Boys comic is that everything was important. The exploding Compound V came into play in the final two volumes. Some stories will have moments like this and nothing will come out of it. This isn’t the case with The Boys. The exploding heads scenes happened for a reason in the comic series. We can assume that Victoria Neuman causing this will lead to something major in the future.

What did you readers think about Victoria Neuman being the one popping heads? Let us know in the comments below.

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