Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country Episode 7: Jig -a-Bobo, has sex, gore, and a little more. Mind you; I’m not complaining here. I don’t mind a little sex in my weekly episodic television shows. You’re talking to a guy that grew up during the “Spice Channel’ and “Skinamax” era! It was a common occurrence late on a Friday and Saturday night to turn the volume down so the parents wouldn’t hear, and secretly watch what I absolutely was too young to watch. That was then and this is now! I’m a grown-ass man now folks. I totally am allowed to watch people getting it in on my tv shows. I just have to close my miniblinds and lower the volume so my neighbors don’t see or hear and think I’m watching stuff I shouldn’t be watching. Don’t judge me! 

Anyway here are this week’s mostly non-spoiler observances : 

  • Why does there have to be so much blood in this sex scene? Like what is going on here!? Yuck 
  • The Monsters are back. DAAAAMN they must be hungry! 
  • I knew it. I knew he’d find a way to bond with the Monsters. SMH 
  • Oh damn… BOTH Women waiting. Lord… RUN Man RUN. 
  • I wonder if those Weird Officers in this show put a curse on the entire 2020 year. Would take a lot of spit but I imagine it’s possible.

We’re going to get some kind of resolution but I wonder if we’ll lose a main character or two before we get there. I literally can’t predict what’s to come. That’s the challenge and beauty of Lovecraft Country. Not a damn one of us would ever write a show like this and present it like this. Lovecraft Country not only doesn’t play by the rules, it doesn’t play at all. Just does stuff; weird stuff! Sound off! 

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