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Getting comic books in 2020 has been difficult due to the COVID pandemic. For the creators, they’ve had to be patient and wait for their work to be published. For the customers, we’ve had to stand by for our favorite stories to continue. Thankfully,  things are getting back to normal. New comic books are coming out more frequently. While it’s exciting, you may not have the money to go buy everything you want. Sometimes you have to pick your comic books carefully. Thankfully, Old Man Wade is here for you. Here are the current comic runs that are worth checking out. 

Batman & Gotham City Are Getting Their Biggest Change in Years

Comic Title: Batman: Joker War

Writer: James Tynion IV

In the previous run, Joker took all of Bruce Wayne’s fortune and made it look like Bruce was embezzling money. To make things worse, his friend and partner Lucius Fox was been captured by Joker’s new assistant Punchline, Batman can’t get to any of his resources, and Catwoman is unable to help him. The police are Wayne Manner looking to arrest him and none of his friends and family can help. Oh, and Joker knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. 

The line, “This is the worst thing that’s happened to hero XYZ” is thrown around a lot. This time, it’s definitely one of the worst. There’s no Alfred to keep Batman’s emotions in check and it appears that no one is coming to Batman’s aid. That’s on top of his worst enemy (Joker) having all of his money. We know Batman is going to come out of this. The question is how and at what cost? At the end of City of Bane, Joker hinted that he may let the world know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. The consequences of this battle will likely alter Batman’s story from here on. 

Here's Your First Look at the New 'X-Factor' Costumes | Marvel

Comic Title: X-Factor

Writer: Leah Williams

X-Factor is only one issue in and it looks like it could be one of the best X-Books available. Writer Leah Williams put the most random group of mutants ever assembled. Northstar, Polaris, Prodigy, Eye-Boy, Daken, and Prestige start their time together by looking for Northstar’s twin sister Aurora. After finding her dead body, they found their calling. They’re going to find all of the mutants that are lost to the world and bring them back to Krakoa. An honorable idea that will turn into a fantastic series. 

The random characters work perfectly. Polaris and Rachel Grey have personality and clothing styles changes while keeping their core traits intact. Adding Eye-Boy seems silly, but his powers make sense. He can see trails that the naked eye can’t see. Prestige was missed by fans and will help the team with tech and science. Then there’s Daken. While he seems like the comic relief, he’s going to be very important going forward. Daken and Northstar are going to be gold together.

The Boys: Dear Becky #1 is a failure of a comic in so many ways

Comic Title: The Boys: Dear Becky

Writer: Garth Ennis

Just when you think of The Boys comics book series is over, Garth Ennis comes back with more stories of The Boys before Hughie joined the team. This time, they’re tales from Butcher’s diary. Butcher used this as a way to talk to his dead wife. To explain the evil things that he wanted to do or has actually done. These stories are being read by Hughie who’s given up the life of chasing down superheroes. He’s reading this as a retired civilian living in Scotland with his girlfriend Annie January (happy that they’re still together. Now, superpowered beings aren’t popular anymore. Most of them keep their powers hidden. Considering what Homelander and the rest of the “heroes” did in the original run, no one should be shocked. 

It’s cool seeing stories from the past. The best part is this can go on forever. There are so many stories that Butcher can tell. The more we see, the easier it’ll be to understand Butcher’s hatred for supes. Not that he needed more than what happened to his wife. If you’re a fan of the original run or the show, give this series a read.

Kelly Thompson's Deadpool Gives Marvel's Monsters a New Home and King

Comic Title: Deadpool

Writer: Kelly Thompson

When it comes to Deadpool, I’m very critical of anyone writing him. He’s my favorite character. So when someone takes the reins, I pay attention to how they’re portraying him. When I found out that Kelly Thompson was writing Wade Wilson, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was even more exciting when I found out she was going to use Elsa Bloodstone in the story as well. Kelly Thomson knows how to treat how to use characters and make them more than just beings with powers. She makes them relatable.

So far, Deadpool has come to terms with being looked at and being treated like a monster. Making him King of the Monsters gave him a purpose in life. Something that he’s missed throughout his times in comics. So far, he’s had to stop Kraven the Hunter’s son from killing his subjects, make a tough decision to kill a monster to avoid it from killing innocent people, and put Steve Rogers in check for talking down to him and the monsters. All of these things have made him happy. This is new territory for Wade and we should all be reading this to see where it’s headed. Plus, there’s Jeff the Landshark.

Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto Share Their Daredevil Comic Plans | News Break

Comic Title: Daredevil

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

The Daredevil series has been one of the best runs for the last twenty plus years. As I stated in an episode of The Culture Comic Book News (CCBN), the writers never departed from the previous stories. That means the writer who took over didn’t ignore everything that happened. Making the stories flow a lot better. The biggest part of Matt Murdock’s character is his Catholic guilt. He’s always felt bad for the things he’s done. Even if he had no other choice. Chip Zdarsky’s run has kept that in his stories and made it more tragic.

In this series, Daredevil is still getting back into the swing of things after almost dying and having to retrain his body. On one of his first outings in the costume, he accidentally kills a criminal. Feeling like he can’t handle the vigilante life, Matt quits being Daredevil and focuses on being Matt Murdock. This is short-lived. People in Hell’s Kitchen took up the mantle and fought the criminals looking to tear their city down. This leads to a huge battle in Hell’s Kitchen where things are so bad that Kingpin (who’s the Mayor of New York City and Daredevil’s sworn nemesis) and Daredevil are fighting back to back to protect innocent people. The last thing we see is Daredevil giving himself up to the police for the murder he committed. 

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is a love letter to over the top sports entertainment at its finest

Comic Title: Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

Writers: Edward Kuehnel, Matt Entin

This was the most fun I’ve had reading a comic book in a long time. Not just as a fan of comic books, but as a fan of wrestling as well. Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is about wrestler “Rock ‘n’ Roll” Rory Landell accidentally causes an intergalactic incident by saying he’s the Galactic Champion. Planet Wrestletopia’s Galactic Champion Manifest Destiny hears this claim and heads to Earth to prove he’s the one and only Galactic Champion.

As silly as this sounds (and it is) the writing on this comic book is incredible. It isn’t just six issues of fun and jokes. We see our lead protagonist claw his way back from being a disgraced wrestler to the possible savior of the planet. Throughout the series, we come across a host of interesting and deep characters. Ones that remain true to the wrestling of yesteryear and some of the ones in the present. 

Supa Woke and I had the pleasure of interviewing them on The Old Man Wade Show podcast. They explained how their love for old school wrestling leads them to create this story and how it wasn’t originally going to be a comic. They also discussed their love of wrestling from the 1990s and before. You can tell that they knew their stuff by the way they used classic wrestling spots and the nods to former commentators to tell the story. Now that the book is wrapped up, it’s a perfect time to check it out. 

Marauders #1-7 by Gerry Duggan Review — House of X

Comic Title: Marauders

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Hands down the book that I look forward to more than any current comic book series. I fell in love with Gerry Duggan’s work after his run of Deadpool. Since then, if he’s involved in a project then I’m in. Now, he’s writing Marauders? A comic book where Kitty Pryde is the main character? Sign me up. Kitty Pryde is charged with bringing mutants who want to take advantage of the Krakoan have been Russia and Madripoor. This ends up with Kitty, Iceman, Bishop, Storm, Pyro, and Emma Frost fighting to get these mutants and bring them to the mutant’s island nation. 

The series has it all. It’s funny, action-packed, and uses each of the characters to their full potential. You never have a moment where you’re upset with how they’re being portrayed. Iceman being gay is mentioned and shown. Bishop is shown to be the strategic bad-@$$ that he‘s always been. Storm remains a kind goddess who’s willing to strike when ready. Pyro is flat out hilarious. And Kitty Pryde is the perfect person to lead this team. Buy. This. BOOK!

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