Reggie B Fine is throwing everyone, including himself, under the bus! The Memphis Wrestling standout has broken decades of silence to share information about his personal experience in the Pro Wrestling Industry during an exclusive interview on the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast. Reggie B Fine specifically shared stories and thoughts on the following Superstars:

Doing Drugs With Brickhouse Brown & Rock & Roll Express (10:30)

Brickhouse Brown brought me in the pro wrestling game originally. I was a stooge/gofer; go get me some beer or go get me some weed type sh*t ya know. I’m from the hood Man; anybody knows about Memphis, Orange Mountain, that’s where I’m from. But Man I could get you anything and a lot of the boys were on that sh*t so they couldn’t go to the hood. You couldn’t have somebody like Tommy Rich or somebody like that go to the hood and get no dope. They were sending me and back then I was mostly selling dope. I wasn’t using until later on. I got with a couple fellas and they were like “Go ahead and try this sh*t Reggie B”. You know me and my dumb ass snorted a little cocaine one night f*cking around with Brickhouse Brown and Rock & Roll Express. Once I started doing that sh*t Man it’s hard to leave that sh*t alone I don’t care what nobody says man. Once you get a taste it’s like a fatboy eating a piece of cake; once he gets a piece of it he wants some more. No matter what Man you always want it.

Jerry Lawler being naive about drugs (22:08)

Lawler gave me the Candyman gimmick, that my first f*ucking gimmick. You know he’s the master of gimmicks. He said “Man you’re the Candyman”, but Jerry Lawler didn’t know what I was doing. Jerry Lawler was square as a pool table, twice as green back then. That motherf*cker didn’t do nothing and right to this day he still don’t do nothing. You could pull out a bag full of weed and that motherf*cker would think it was a bag full of sage or something. That’s how green he was back then. I never even seen that motherf*cker drink a beer dawg!

Making Superstar Bill Dundee apologize to Teddy Long (32:52)

Teddy Long said in one of his interviews Bill Dundee called him a Nigger. I never thought Bill Dundee would talk like that. I’ve been around him for over 30 years and never thought he would say some sh*t like that ya know. I went and got Teddy Long and took him over to where Bill Dundee was and said “Bill Dundee you owe this man an apology man. Some sh*t you said 30 years ago.” Teddy told me it’s alright man, but right is right and wrong is wrong!

Hearing Jim Ross make a racist comment (38:00)

I was talking to Tommy Rich and I heard Jim Ross talking to Bill Dundee and another guy. Dundee’s friend was talking about a tag team that he had in Memphis and he was trying to get into AEW. I guess they did a dark match for them. He was telling Jim Ross “I got these guys and blah blah blah”. Jim Ross said “That’s just what the company needs; a couple more darkies”. He looks like a racist motherf*cker too.

Most racist thing Reggie ever heard (39:20)

I was in WWF and was supposed to wrestle and do the job for Jake The Snake Roberts. Ahmed Johnson had just came out of his match and I was the next match. I think I was doing either superstars or challenge back then. One of the talent agents came to me and said “Vince said we don’t want two Blacks wrestling back to back. You look too much like Ahmed Johnson.” I said two blacks going back to back? I was telling Owen Hart, God rest his soul, I was telling him what was going on. Owen Hart said “Man don’t worry about that. You got your money. You got paid right? You didn’t have to worry about hurting yourself or nothing in the ring so don’t worry about that.” But I thought about it and wondered why would you come to me and say you don’t want two Blacks wrestling back to back? That was the most racist sh*t I’ve ever heard. Vince

Vince McMahon being disrespectful (40:43)

We were in Philadelphia doing a house show and I said Mr McMahon you think you can find me something to do in your organization? Vince McMahon said “Yea Reggie. I like your style; I like the way you dress. I’ll see what I can do.” About two years later it was 1999 and we’re down in Dallas. Vince just got off his cellphone. I went up to him and said “Hey Mr. McMahon, how you doing?” He said “Hey Reggie B what’s going on?” I said “You remember what you said to me about two years ago?” He said “What was that?” I said “You said you were going to try to find something for me to do in your organization.” You know what that motherf*cker told me? “I guess I’m still looking”, and walked off. How I feel about Vince McMahon ever since 1999? MotherF*ck Vince McMahon!

Reggie B Fine continues with more stories about other stars including R Truth, Booker T, Kane, King Mabel and more. Reggie B also discusses his Youtube Channel, entitled Reggie B Phine, where there are clips of some of his soon to be released shoot interviews. Hear all of this on the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast on any of your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio App, Spotify and more!

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