I have mind control over Holidead; she just doesn’t know it. It doesn’t matter that she’s stronger, in better shape, and could absolutely beat me up any time she wants to. You need to understand something; The Duke is a Grown Man that does Grown Man Tings; like Mind Control. Now I know you’re sitting there thinking to yourself “Duke; Tell me how you have mind control over Holidead”. I will most certainly do that, But before I do, let me tell you a little something about her. 

Holidead is recognized as one of the top 100 Women Pro Wrestlers in the Galaxy as highlighted in the 2020 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Women’s 100. PWI is the most prestigious magazine in Pro Wrestling history which means they know a little something about a little something. I’m not sure how many beings Holidead has beaten up on other planets, but I can tell you the trail of broken bodies she’s left here on Earth is so vast PWI has probably lost count.

Holidead has muscles, wears face paint, and has piercings in places that make me wince just thinking about it. She is seriously one of the most terrifying Pro Wrestlers of all time. But I’m a Grown Man that does Grown Men Tings like having mind control over Holidead. What is the reason for this Grown Man exercising mind control in this instance?  It all centers around Fizzy Drinks.

Holidead calls Fizzy Drinks “Pop”. Can you believe that? She calls it “Pop”. I’m a Grown Man and I do Grown Man Tings which do not include calling Fizzy Drinks “Pop”! It’s SODA. That’s right Soda Soda Soda! Nobody or in this case no drink wants to be referred to by the wrong name. I’m not sure what has gotten into Holidead for her to be so offensive toward Fizzy Drinks. “Pop” is just completely disrespectful.

In an effort to get to the bottom of all of this, I invited Holidead to be a guest on the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast. Mind you, I, the Duke, stood up for all Fizzy drinks by making it clear they are Soda and not “Pop”. Granted, that was a big mistake because Holidead started to get very upset which completely terrified me, but I’m a Grown Man that does Grown Man Tings. What Grown Man Tings did I have to resort to? MIND CONTROL!

When Holidead is around I’ll refer to Fizzy Drinks as “Pop”, but when she’s not around I call them by their real name; Soda! It’s the perfect plan! This way I can still seem like I’m a big shot on behalf of all the Fizzy Drinks when Holidead is not around, and I can also avoid getting my butt kicked when Holidead IS around. Mind Control! But see that’s what happens when you’re a Grown Man that does Grown Man Tings.

Check out my interview with Holidead in its entirety and let me know what you think. There is also an interview with beloved Sports Blogger and Author, Eric Simpson, who shares some great insight into his new project entitled “The Mental Side of Sports Workbook.

Now if you’ll excuse me; I need to enter myself into the Witness Protection Program. Once Holidead reads this article she’s going to know I have Mind Control over her and may want to beat up this Grown Man that does Grown Man Tings!

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