Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country Episode 10 Full Circle was absolutely that. The bloody gore and violence, the sex, and the confusing storytelling is all wrapped up in this episode. This was a perfect season finale because you don’t have to watch any other episode to get an idea of what Lovecraft Country is all about. Just watch Episode 10.

I’ll be honest with you. If you’re looking for a recap that delves deep into the nuts and bolts of the episode then good luck to you. This isn’t it. What you’re reading is a final assessment of this HBO series that was perfectly acted and frustratingly written. This is goodbye for now and maybe for good. 

I don’t know why Lovecraft Country was written in such a mind-bending confusing manner. Exactly what were the writers trying to prove? That they are smarter than everyone watching? That they could fit as many well known and obscure historical references into 10 1 hour episodes and do so in a manner that forces the audience to have Google on standby? Whether on purpose or an accident, Lovecraft Country’s writing is elitist and in my book a mistake. They never wanted us to enjoy and love this series. They only wanted to dunk in our face and scream “boom”. 

Will this series come back? I hope not. I don’t want a season 2 if the content is going to be delivered like this. Go away. Go away so TV shows that are far more interested in bringing the audience along can continue to capture our valuable time. Consider this a breakup letter with Lovecraft Country. You’ve stolen my time and broken my heart for the last time. In the words of the great poet, Beyonce Knowles Carter, “Don’t you ever get to thinking you’re irreplaceable!” 

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