Did DC Comics Screw Up Their Big Twist In Three Jokers?

Do we actually need another Three Jokers series?

In Justice League: The Darkseid War, Batman finds out that there are three Jokers. Something not even the world’s greatest detective knew. This happened back in 2016. Since then, DC Comics fans have been wondering who these three Jokers were. Batman: Three Jokers shows us who they were. There’s the Criminal who Batman created when he fell into the giant vat of acid. The Comedian is the one in the infamous Batman: The Killing Joke where Barbara Gordon was shot and paralyzed. Lastly, we have the Clown. He’s the one who killed Jason Todd in Batman: A Death in the Family. As Batman: Three Jokers continues, we learn that these Jokers were created for nefarious means. To make the perfect Joker. 

We knew Joker’s obsession with Batman was sick, but this is something else. Joker wanted to create a Joker that was both Bruce and Batman’s nemesis. Add a personal touch to their rivalry. In order to do that, The Comedian attempted to make Joe Chill the new Joker. Since he killed Thomas and Martha Wayne, this new Joe Chill-Joker would have a connection to Bruce and the Dark Knight. Batman stopped this from happening and even found a way to give Joe Chill a chance to apologize to Bruce for what he did. The three-part series ends with one Joker remaining and discovering that the original Joker’s wife had a son. It was a nice way to end the story. Too bad some companies don’t know when to quit.

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Why a sequel to Batman: Three Jokers is a mistake

One thing that comic book companies do is create multiple parts to a past story. Marvel did it with Civil War and Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars. DC Comics did it with Injustice. From a business standpoint, it makes sense. The name brings in familiarity and the hope for additional readers. That then brings in more money. Or, if you want to continue the story, give it a new name. This way it won’t seem as lazy. In this particular scenario, both are a bad idea. 

Sometimes it’s okay to quit while you’re ahead. Batman: Three Jokers was perfect the way it was. Throughout the series, there were moments that were unforgettable. First, Jason Todd got the revenge he sorely needed. Not only him but us the readers. As much as we like Joker, we know he needs to die. He’s done nothing but atrocious things for decades. Batman received some closure for the murder of his parents. A subtle moment that the writer (Geoff Johns) should be commended for. It was something that Bruce probably didn’t know he needed. There was also a brief kiss between Jason and Barbara Gordon. A moment that ended with Jason expressing his feelings in a note that Barbra never received. Bringing in a sequel will ruin all of these moments.

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Why will they be ruined?

Jason Todd’s story is similar to Wolverine and Deadpool for one reason. none of them will ever truly be happy. In the note, Jason poured his heart out to Barbra. Jason told her that they could be great together and that he’d even give up being Red Hood for her. In the end, he said that if she doesn’t think he’s worth it to throw the letter away and he’ll never mention it. Barbra never got the letter. Typical Jason Todd luck. 

Another thing a return to Batman: Three Jokers would ruin is the story about Joker having a family he doesn’t know about. We’ve seen how that goes. Joker will find out they exist, he’ll kidnap them, try to turn them, Batman will stop Joker, but Joker’s son will die or turn into a villain. That story has been told time and time again. It’s predictable. What does this and the Jason Todd/Barbra Gordon story have in common? They’re moments that could be ruined by going further.

Leave this story as it is. If DC Comics decides to revisit these storylines (and this writer doesn’t believe they should), do it separately. We can see Joker meet his family in any of Batman’s titles. There’s enough of them to make that happen. It would be nice to see Jason and Barbra be romantic. For nothing else to see how Dick Grayson would deal with it. Yet again, this could happen in either Batgirl or Red Hood’s comics. All in all, there’s no reason for another Batman: Three Jokers series. Nonetheless, this writer will buy when it comes out. Hopefully, it will be even better than the first. 

What do you think? Do you want another Batman: Three Jokers? Should they leave it as is? Let us know in the comments below.

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