Beloved Memphis Wrestling Star Reggie B Fine (aka Reggie B Phine) is never one to shy away from speaking his mind and this time he has some words for “President” Donald Trump:

“To our President{Trump}; you done lost. Get your sh*t out of the White House so the next Man{Joe Biden} can move his sh*t in the closet. Don’t be hating; don’t be stopping nobody man. That motherf*cker gotta go. If he don’t go they going to put his ass out on the street like they throw other folk out on them streets.”

Reggie B is making reference to “President” Trump refusing to concede the 2020 Election and refusing to leave the White House as a result. Despite his efforts to challenge the result of the 2020 Election, “President” Trump has struck out at nearly every turn when his team has brought lawsuits. In one instance they appeared to challenge the results of one part of Michigan that Trump won in. Imagine that for a second; Trump’s legal team essentially accusing Trump of not winning a particular county. Are they the Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight? Who are they supposed to be representing?

Reggie B opened up about his take on why Trump may not want to leave the White House:

“Trump know when he leave that motherf*cker going to jail. Don’t pass go don’t do nothing. You got a lot of motherf*ckers that follow that man. I don’t give a f*ck what they do as long as they don’t f*ck with me!”

Reggie B Fine truly is one of a kind. Hear more about his take on life, the best bookers in Memphis Wrestling during his time there and even breaking news about wrestling his entire career while fighting Diabetes. Hear all of this on the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast on any of your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio App, Spotify, and more!

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