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It’s been over 6 years since Carlos Henriquez was officially a Massachusetts State Representative, yet the Son of Roxbury is “Still Reppin”. He’s still helping Constituents find employment, find housing and navigate the bureaucratic mumbo jumbo associated with State and Municipal Government services. He’s still in constant contact with Elected Officials and political movers and shakers. While none of this comes as a surprise when discussing most former Elected Officials, Carlos Henriquez’s journey is anything but conventional. Why?

In 2014 Carlos Henriquez was charged, found guilty, and jailed for crimes he continues to make clear he did not do. Immediately after being convicted, his peers voted to expel him from the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Carlos Henriquez went from a rising star in Massachusetts State Politics to being an inmate whose name was only whispered about in mixed company. The same system that Rep Henriquez fought so hard to reform because it had unevenly disenfranchised the very constituents he represented, reared its ugly head, and took a bite out of him personally. Despite the notion of going from rising star to falling from grace, the story hasn’t ended there. 

In a very open and painful honest conversation on the Tell Us The Truth podcast, Rep Henriquez details how despite all of his peaks and valleys he has bounced back through the support of loved ones and therapy. Motivated and as clear-headed as ever, Rep Henriquez is once again able to focus on serving his community and developing the next generation of local elected officials.

In the interview, listen for details regarding the psychology behind why Rep Henriquez did things like call all Black and Brown elected officials who represent greater Boston to come together and move as a unified assembly. There are also details regarding challenges from elder elected officials who at first were not enthusiastic about Rep Henriquez joining them in office. Rep Henriquez details specifically what happened which led to him being arrested and ultimately put in jail including a very straightforward denial of being guilty of what he was charged with. This interview at times may make you laugh and make you cry. Ultimately it will make you take notice of how life can change in an instant and the struggle to find your footing after much of the world has turned its back on you. Redemption is the key and you’ll hear all about it on this edition of Tell Us The Truth! 

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