The All New, All Daring Delusional Honesty!: Marvel Two-in-One (Under the Surface of The Immortal Hulk #12, with Apologies to Benjamin J. Grimm)

Immortal Hulk is among the best new comic books to come out in the last five years. Maybe even the decade. Taking the Hulk and making him even more terrifying is an impressive feat. His changes from human to Hulk is like watching the transformation in American Werewolf in London. Watching his body go from a slim 130-pound frame to an overly muscular eight-foot-tall rage monster shouldn’t look pretty and it isn’t. Besides the new concept of the Hulk, the side characters help make this series incredible. The best of them is Jacqueline McGee. A reporter who started out looking for a story and got more than she asked for. Maybe more than she wanted. 

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Who is Jacqueline McGee?

Jacqueline McGee was just another casualty in a hulk rampage. Her home was destroyed in one of his many fights when she was a teenager. While Hulk was there, her father told her not to look in his eyes. She did. Since then she’s had a question she’s wanted answered. “How do I get to be what you are?” It seemed like a simple question on the surface. However, she didn’t want to become a Hulk. She just wanted the privilege he had. 

Jacqueline pointed out something that many of us always wondered. How does the Hulk keep getting away with the things he’s done. Her exact quote was, “…I can’t imagine it. At all. What it must be like to feel that rage. To be able to feel that rage. To be allowed to feel it.”

She concluded by saying,

“We live in a world of–of men–white college-educated men, men like Bruce Banner–who just rant and scream and rage and–smash things–and the world bends over backwards to understand that. To reward it. So, yeah. I guess I’m asking. How do I get my piece of that pie, Hulk? How do I get to be what you are?”

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Why is she important to the Immortal Hulk series?

Not everyone can talk to the Hulk freely. He’s a monster that can kill you with his pinky. Nonetheless, Jacqueline McGee told him how she felt. She told him that he has a privilege that McGee, as a black woman, will never have. Not only did she speak her mind, but she also did it without fear. They were in Hell, not sure they would escape, and talking to a Hulk who just got his butt handed to him. Yet, she spoke to him without any fear. Her head was held high and in the end, the Hulk didn’t understand her, but he respected her. He liked that she wasn’t ashamed of that rage inside her. It was the beginning of their very complex relationship. 

This comic book doesn’t work without Jacqueline McGee. She’s one of the few people in this series who aren’t part of this superhero life. She’s around gamma-powered beings, monsters, killer robots, and more. Yet she remains part of the Hulk’s life. Her initial article about the Hulk concluded, she gained national recognition for her work, yet she continued to help the Hulk in his endeavors. She doesn’t have the ability to bend steel, jump for miles, or survive a bullet, yet she’s the strongest person on this team. A woman without power or the ability to create weapons. What she has is willpower, street smarts, and a fearless attitude.

What do you think? Are you reading and loving Immortal Hulk? Let us know in the comments below.

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