Secret Invasion

We all hoped that Marvel Studios learned lessons from 20th Century Fox’s failures. Not rushing the X-Men and Fantastic Four are examples of them not repeating mistakes. Both of these franchises have an opportunity to reach a high level of popularity. Especially the X-Men. Everyone loves Marvel’s Mightiest Mutants. During Disney’s Investors’ Day, one thing stuck out. Marvel Studios Secret Invasions announcement. Not only is this an event that’s going to crossover the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a Disney Plus series as well. Making it a series is a genius move. 

What is Secret Invasion?

Marvel’s Secret Invasion was an event that went on longer than it did in the comics. It started when the Illuminati (Mister Fantastic, Iron Man, Professor X, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, and Namor) decided they would speak for the world. They did it in secret and ended up making a lot of mistakes. On one of their first missions, they were captured by the Skrulls. During this time, the Skrulls experimented on them and learned how to mask themselves.

The Skrulls couldn’t be detected with magic, telepathy, and even heightened senses. This made it easy for the Skrulls to infiltrate Earth. There were also Skrulls in governments all over the world, the super teams, and more. They learned all of Earth’s secrets and struck while the world was vulnerable. It also helped that the heroes of earth were fighting among each other. To make things worse, they found out how to mimic superpowers. There were Super-Skrulls with the powers of four different beings. Earth was lucky to survive the Skrull’s invasion. 

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Why is a series the best route?

One of the biggest reasons that movies like Dark Phoenix failed is because it was done in one movie. You can’t spread a year’s worth of content into two hours. The same can be said for Marvel’s Secret Invasion. A series allows Marvel Studios to take their time. Each episode can truly get into the smaller intricacies that make this series spectacular. Why are the Skrulls so obsessed with Earth? How did they manage to infiltrate teams all over the world? Who is their leader and why them? These are some of the things we need to know. There are other major moments from the comic that will have to be explained. A series allows this to happen in detail. 

Disney Plus is creating something special. Programs like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki will all connect to Marvel Studio movies. Adding more details makes the movie experience more enjoyable. We’ll know more about each character and have a more thorough explanation of what’s happening. Sure, it may stink that there’s more to watch. However, if the content is good, it won’t matter. We’ll all sit back and enjoy all the content that’s released. 

What do you think? Is Marvel’s Secret Invasion series a good idea? Let us know in the comments below. 

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