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Nine perfect starting points for adults who want to get into comic books. 

Comic book movies and shows have become incredibly popular. So much that even the non-comic book fans are getting into the source material. The number of people that come to me asking what did and didn’t happen in the comics is astounding. Everybody wants to know more. While they want the answers, a lot of people can’t get into comics. Some of it is too fantastical or unrelatable. That’s something I can understand. It’s just like not all music and shows are for everyone. Nevertheless, just like music and television, there are projects out there people can enjoy. Here we have nine perfect picks for the adult reader looking to jump on the comic book train.

8 Reasons the New 'Jessica Jones' Is a Must-Read

Comic book: Alias and Jessica Jones

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Kelly Thompson

Jessica Jones is the toughest woman in comic books. She may not have unbreakable skin or have the ability to fly through space, but she’s gone through so much and managed to keep her head above water. Mind-controlled and used to fight people she wouldn’t. Being made to think that her daughter could be the victim of a sexual assault. And still finds time to solve cases that the other heroes can’t or wouldn’t. If that’s not the epitome of toughness, I don’t know what is. And that’s not even half of what Jessica has gone through.

Jessica Jones’ series Alias written by Brian Micahel Bendis) is more about solving crimes and getting to know her as a person. You see her first moments with Luke Cage, how she got her powers, and who she really hates Purple Man. It goes deeper than anything that happened in the Netflix series. The next series (Kelly Thompson’s run) shows a lot more people with powers than the previous runs. However, she does a better job showcasing Jessica the detective. Both series have a flawless interpretation of Jessica Jones.

Why It's Time to Add Paper Girls to Your Pull List | The Mary Sue


Comic book: Paper Girls

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

Paper Girls starts off like a very bland and cliché. A group of teenage boys attempted to bully a young girl. Out of nowhere, she’s saved by a group of paper girls who later become her friends. Then, all Hell breaks loose. Weird people in cloaks, futuristic machines, and eventually time travel. 

While this seems very comic booky (if that’s a phrase), Paper Girls balances science fiction with a lot of heart. This is the kind of book that would be a hit show on the CW. A program that everyone would enjoy. The group of girls have experiences that literally influence the rest of their lives. They also have death-defying moments and learn lessons that people in real life should know. There were moments throughout this series that will make you feel all sorts of emotions.

Andy's Wild Blog: Y: The Last Man - Deluxe Edition Book Five

Comic book: Y: The Last Man

Creators: Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra

What do you think it’s like to be the last man on Earth? Some men are reading this and cheering. Realistically, it wouldn’t be the all sex utopia they’d expect. Some women will be looking to kill you because they believe every man deserves to die. Considering the things we (men) have done over the centuries, who could blame them? Some believe it’s God’s will others just hate the male species. There are other responsibilities. You have to help keep the human population going.  This is what Y: The Last Man is about. It follows three people on a journey from Massachusetts in search of a cure for the Y chromosome. 

Y: The Last Man was so good I read it twice from start to finish in a year. There were a lot of random jokes that kept the story light. Which is needed because things get incredibly dark. The ending was so heartbreaking that I found myself tearing up even after the second time around and I knew it was coming. You see a lot of development from each of the main characters as well. The best part is it’s subtle. Making the transition more realistic. Y: The Last Man is easily one of the best books I’ve ever read.

The Immortal Hulk Just Gruesomely Murdered Someone | CBR

Comic book: Immortal Hulk

Writer: Al Ewing

Take most of what you know about the Hulk, Bruce Banner, and gamma-powered heroes and throw it the window. Immortal Hulk is going to show you the dark, twisted, and scary truth. The Hulk is no longer the child-like behemoth that we know. This comic book stars someone scarier and he’s called Devil Hulk. He’s stronger, more cunning, and willing to kill anyone who’s a threat to him, innocent people, or his other personalities. 

Immortal Hulk is one of the best Marvel Comics books to debut in the last twenty years. It’s bolder than anything we’ve seen from the Hulk. Al Ewing turned this story into something twisted. He created a version of Hell where all gamma-powered beings go when they die. We see Hulk kill people in ways that would make Stephen King blush. Then there’s Hulk’s transformation. It’s more realistic and very disturbing. A comic book for fans of horror.

Saga #50: How an improbable comic has shaped the industry - Polygon

Comic book: Saga

Creators: Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

There goes that name again. If you see Brian K. Vaughan on the cover of a comic book, give it a shot. It’s a writer you can trust. Not only will the stories be phenomenal reads, but he always hits on topics that are relevant to the world. Saga is another example of how he takes fantasy and teaches lessons on acceptance and love. 

Saga revolves around Alana and Marko and their daughter Hazel. Marko and Alana are two different species whose people are at war. They’re not even supposed to be sexually compatible. If either side finds this out, they’ll be killed. A tragic story that goes deeper than the teenage romance of Romeo and Juliet. They spend their time running for their lives, being separated, and finding each other all while trying to raise a child. Things get deeper than just race. There are lessons on sexual preference, accepting who people are inside, and learning to forgive yourself. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster of a series.

FX Orders Pilot for Series Based on Brian Michael Bendis' Comic Book 'Powers' – /Film

Comic book: Powers

Creators: Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming

Powers starts off with hits and keeps on punching you until the very last story. We follow former superhero Christian Walker who’s lost his powers and his partner Deena Pilgrim. Deena is an eager woman with the courage to spare and a foul mouth. In short, she’s fantastic. The two of them solve cases that involve superpowers. As if that isn’t tough enough, the two of them go through the deaths of friends, colleagues, and lovers.

What makes Powers so good is its creativity. You see them solve cases that aren’t solved the same way because each power isn’t identical. There are a lot of cool forensic things that try to mimic a science that doesn’t exist. A nice twist.

What makes Powers so good is its creativity. You see them solve cases that aren’t solved the same way because each power isn’t identical. There are a lot of cool forensic things that try to mimic a science that doesn’t exist. A nice twist.

The 10 Shadiest Things X-Factor Investigations Has Ever Done

Comic book: X-Factor (2005-2013)

Writer: Peter David

Following the detective theme is a comic book that changed the way I looked at comics in general. This X-Factor series isn’t like your normal X-Title book. There are elements like mutant powers and classic villains, but that’s about where things stop. X-Factor follows Jamie Madrox (the Multiple Man) as he and his eclectic team solve bizarre cases that no one else will take. This series has led them all over the country, in other dimensions, and even battling the Goddess of Death Hela and her forces.

As fun as the cases are, it’s the team that makes this series. Madrox is their reluctant leader that is more than just a guy who creates duplicates of himself. Monet St. Croix is an arrogant woman who has her share of insecurities and layers. Wolfsbane is struggling to deal with her lupine side and how it’s interfering with her Catholic faith. Then there’s Layla Miller who knows stuff. That sounds silly, but it’ll make sense when you read it.

There are other characters that come and go like Shatterstar and Darwin and longtime members like Strong Guy, Rictor, and Siryn. All of which have issues of their own. As soon as you dive into this book, you’ll fall in love with them and their personalities. As Madrox said, “X-Factor; putting the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’.”

What Deadly Class Takes Straight from the Comics - Comic Con 2018 - YouTube

Comic book: Deadly Class

Writer: Rick Remender

Deadly Class was the comic book that solidified my love for stories that weren’t Marvel and DC Comics. There were some before this, but this was what made me fall in love. Who knew that a story about high school kids learning to be assassins could be so deep. not just a random book full of death. There were parts that really made you think. A story that begins with a kid who lost his parents due to random happenstance caused by Ronald Regan. A moment started him on a path to sex, drugs, and violence.

If you’ve watched the TV series, forget everything you witnessed. That show was an abomination compared to this masterpiece. The Sci-Fi channel couldn’t get into the debauchery and depraved behavior that went on throughout the series. That meant a good portion of what made the comic special was taken out. Before you go in, keep in mind that this comic book takes place in the 1980s. There are going to be a lot of things that are said and done that may make you uncomfortable. If you can get past them, you’ll enjoy the hell out of this series. 

Comic book: Harleen

Writer: Stjepan Sejic

The story of Harleen Quinzel turning into Harley Quinn is well known. She meets the Joker, gets seduced by him, and then becomes the Cupid of Crime. What happened before they met? How and why did Harleen end up in Arkham? How long did it take for them to become involved? It couldn’t have been as simple as people make it. Well, according to Stjepan Sejic it wasn’t. And let me tell you, the story told here is among the best I’ve read.

Throughout this mini-series, you’ll see Harleen’s view of the world change. How the minor and major things caused Harleen to see the world the way the Joker does. Who was the first person she killed and why? Was Joker always an abusive jerk-wad? Did he ever love her? All of these questions are answered and more. If you’re a fan of Harley Quinn or just reading in general, pick this book up. You won’t want to put it down. 

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