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Catwoman kills in Batman/Catwoman No. 2

One of the biggest knocks on Batman is that he’s never killed Joker. It would be one thing if he physically couldn’t, but it’s all about Batman’s code. It’s the only thing that keeps him from killing. Red Hood said it best. It’s not like Batman taking out Two-Face or Poison Ivy. He’d be putting down an unrepentant and unremorseful psychopath. No matter how many innocent people Joker kills and violates, Batman just sends him to Arkham just for him to escape when he gets bored. Well, all of it came to an end. In Batman/Catwoman, Selina Kyle killed the Clown Prince of Crime. 

In issue No. 1 of Batman/Catwoman, Selina is old, Bruce is dead, and their daughter is now carrying the Batman legacy. With Bruce dead, Catwoman takes a trip to see the Joker. At first, we didn’t know who it was. It wasn’t until the end that Selina tells Joker that she’s there to kill him that we see who he is. Joker laughs, removes his wig, and reveals the white skin and green hair. 

Catwoman finally killed the Joker in DC's new Batman/Catwoman series - Polygon

In issue No. 2 of Batman/Catwoman, Joker tries to kill her before he could be killed. Not shocking, but Selina was too smart for him. She took him out before he could get the drops on her. On the last page, Selina removes her glove and says, “Even as he died, he made me promise. Made me swear. To be good.” Joker says, “Well, everything considered…at least that’s funny.” Those were Joker’s last words before she slits his throat with her nails. The last thing we see is Selina standing over Joker as he bleeds to death. 

Admittedly, the title of this article is a bit misleading. However, it’s true nonetheless. It’s highly doubtful we’ll ever get to see Joker die in normal comic book continuity. At least not permanently. In Batman: Three Jokers, we saw Jason Todd finally get revenge on the Joker that killed him. But, one Joker still remains. In this case, Catwoman killed a future Joker. One who spent decades being the worst person in human history. It may have been too little too late, but at least Catwoman did the one thing we’ve been waiting to see.

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